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Letter to the editor: Do your job

The Constitution requires the Senate provide advice and consent. By refusing to consider the nominee, the republicans are preventing the entire Senate from registering its advice or offering its consent. It is the body of the Senate which is called upon to offer its advice and consent, not the elected Leader. The republicans supposedly want to hear the voice of the people on the selection. Perhaps they should take the matter out of the cold hands of Mitch McConnell and allow all Senators to register their votes.

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Kansas Supreme Court reverses issuance of permit to build coal-fired power plant in southwest Kansas

The Brownbuck quote says volumes about Sam's regard for representing all Kansans and the integrity of the office he holds. Disgusting that he thinks a decision that EPA regulations must be followed constitutes the Kansas Supreme Court declaring war. Shameful dishonesty.

Will now await a panties wetting editorial....

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

The pathetic sputterings of one on the wrong end of the ideological divide.

ACA will be implemented and Americans can decide for themselves who has been telling the truth.

If "Obamacare" is as bad as the republicans claim, one wonders why aren't they happy to see this certain train wreck coming for the President and the Democrats? I am reminded of President Obama's "Please proceed..." comment to Mitt Romney during the last election's debate. "Go ahead, fool! Let me get out of the way while you make an ass of yourself." If the ACA were truly that bad this is what the republican should be doing.

Me thinks there is much to discern from the panic and desperation of the right wingers.

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Saturday Column: Benghazi questions undermine Obama’s credibility

It is sad that the right wing "scandal" mongers are so transparently desperate. New depths of lameness plumbed in this column today (and that is quite an accomplishment!!)

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Kansas Supreme Court Justice Nuss says court closings possible because of state budget

Why would any wrongdoer ever settle knowing justice will be delayed or denied?

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Kansas Supreme Court Justice Nuss says court closings possible because of state budget

Slowing justice serves the interests of the "job creators" so I predict the tea bagger horde will see this as a good thing. Those who cheat, harm, pollute, etc may breath a bit easier, the likelihood of those wrongs being addressed will now be reduced. And all brought to you by those who proclaim so loudly to love Amurica and law and order. Pitiful fools!

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Brownback tells regents that cuts to higher education were part of trades at end of session

Those who elected him also share responsibility.

How many here who are responsible will take ownership of their deed?

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Editorial: Too poor?

58,000 people have family and friends who will see what is happening.

The cruelness of brownback's decision will not go without notice.

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Brownback will not disclose names of applicants for court position

So, Gov, just so that I understand....the interests of the individuals who have elected to apply for the position override the public's interests in the administration of justice. Is that right?

Interesting governing perspective.

Oh well, what self respecting right wing fascist governor would want the public being able to determine that he's picked a favored influence purchaser over a more qualified applicant? That gets you kicked out of the club, right?

Obviously a great deal of thought has been given to the potential embarrassment of unsuccessful candidates. I wonder if anyone has given thought to what the selected crony will think of the likely taint he/she will carry as a result of this ham-handed move by Sammie. Will decisions carry an asterisk?

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Simons' Saturday Column: How will Obama react to growing challenges, criticism?

and with his party controlling both the House and Senate in his first two years in the White House, he could get about any legislation he wanted.

Repeating for years does not make it true.

Editorials which are not built upon lies have a chance of being convincing.

Those which are not do not, as is proven Saturday after Saturday.

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