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Invite love in, all year round: 7 tips

According to Liz Renay, 2 ways of keeping your man:

1. Install a wet bar in your bedroom

2. Be naked a lot

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New breakfast spot, The Roost, slated to open in former Milton's location

I remember going there, think they closed up in the early or mid 90s. Never had their breakfast but always had their buffet. Was the only bread pudding I would ever eat. Served cold, and very firm. No idea how they made it but it was always the same.

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Would you ever keep chickens in your backyard?

My backyard neighbor keeps some. They're pretty quiet, I didn't know they were there until I saw the coop.

They can make a mess, though. We used to keep about 25 of them, and every other month would have to go out to the chicken house with a big shovel and a trashcan. A few hours of scooping later, the ceiling got about 4" further away from my head than it had been.

I have never been able to make as good of a merrangue as I made with those fresh eggs. The only downside is always having to break each egg into a bowl before actually using it...just in case.

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Do you know who Carrie Nation is?

It was the all-female band from 1970's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

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Town Talk: Godfather's Pizza closes in West Lawrence; Eileen's Colossal Cookies reopens; city moving to take next step on curbside recycling but service can't begin until 2014

Godfathers has always been my favorite. I've never been able to have their buffet, though.
They've been in Lawrence since at least the later 70s. We'd go there on Sundays---that was free Coke day if you bought a pizza. They'd gotten pretty expensive, though, even with their coupons (which weren't that great of a deal). They used to do buy one/get one coupons that were a great deal. I called Monday night for delivery and thought they were just closed early for the holiday when there was no answer.

Eileen's cookies are wonderful! I just wish their hours were expanded. They sell day-old doznes for half price that are just as good as the "fresh" ones. They've got a lot of great combinations.

I miss Valentino's.

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What is the most artistic thing you have done?

I think I saw Courtney's bus. It said "Careful: Nervous Mother Driving" on the back of it.

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Would you ever be in a fashion show to raise money for a charity?

"You go to school to learn not for a fashion show"

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Part-time driver hired for KU's chancellor

Will he carry her to the Piggly Wiggly?

Kidding aside, sounds like a good idea to me. Makes sense.

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What’s your favorite type of dancing?

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Highly anticipated opening of new Dillons set for Sunday

I mostly shop at HyVee. The main difference is the staff.

If there's ever more than 2 carts at a check-out waiting, managers jump in to open new lanes and start checking customers themselves and/or get others to help out. Doesn't seem to matter what department employees normally work in, when lines start to form, it turns into all hands on deck to prevent long waits.

At Dillon's? The lines can grow halfway down the frozen food aisle and all you get are dirty looks from the employees wandering around or hanging around the "courtesy" desk.

They aren't the cheapest grocery in town, but have some pretty decent specials. And their parking is a lot better than the Dillon's on 23rd and west 6th.

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