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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I haven't been here for a while, and even then was never a big poster. Just got the change of terms email so headed here. I don't do Facebook either and don't want to. Will use my last ability to post to let you know that you have always been one of my favorite commentors.

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What was your favorite school lunch?

Anything that wasn't Baloney Boats or Deep Sea Dandies (Jeff Co. offerings)

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What is your favorite Elvis song?

Change of Habit...from his last movie

I read once that Elvis had 'relations' with all of his leading ladies but one.
Maybe it had something to do with her dressed as a nun? Or her being married in real life.
The nun trio striptease during that movie's intro is pretty bizzar.

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Illinois man sentenced to 30 months in prison in case where children were bound and blindfolded in parking lot

He should have just checked into a Holiday Inn and rolled the TV out on to the balcony.

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WOW to begin work later this month on upgrade to boost Internet speeds in city

I loved the notice I got of the $7 increase in the mail a few days ago.

Same here...don't think it's coincidence that TV service got really bad just as the switch was made. Have had Sunflower/Knology cable since the late 80s. In all that time, I've never had such bad TV reception as in the last 3 weeks or so. Constant pixilation, audio off about one second from the video, and something I've never experienced: the black screen saying "Not available" or something like that. So I called. Got a guy who seemed to not give a hang, spoke in a jovial tone the whole time and just said "they knew" about the problems. No reason why, no estimate of when it'd be resolved. Haven't noticed any issues with internet. Yet.


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25 years ago: Manager remembers early days at city pool

Parent: Why are you kicking my kid out of the pool?
Manager: Because he was urinating in the pool.
Parent: Heck, all kids do that.
Manager: Yeah, but not from the diving board.

Used to love going to the pool in the mid to late 70s as a kid. Would usually be left there all afternoon. Get picked up in the late afternoon sunburned, exhausted and happy--if luck was with me, would get to stop at the DQ on Mass. Walking in there was like walking into a meat locker, I swear you could see your breath. It felt wonderful after being out in the sun all day.

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City refuses to change local law to comply with state law allowing concealed carry of knives

"I got a knife in my pocketbook and I'm gonna cut you up after class"
---Cookie Mueller
Female Trouble

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When did you last buy a Hallmark card?

Greeting cards in general are one of the biggest ripoffs ever. If I ever need to send one, go to Dollar Tree and get some fairly nice cards...2 for a buck. I'd rather have the $4 instead of a birthday card.

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Traveler's Starbucks quest leads him to Lawrence

I read about a guy whose goal was to eat a burger from a restaurant in every county in Kansas (not the McDonald's type). Wouldn't mind doing that. Starbucks? No thanks.

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Mexican restaurant Tapas closes as it loses lease on downtown building; Mexquisito expands into Eudora

With the Honeybees? The thought of Mrs. Howell in that wig still kind of freaks me out.

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