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U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder touts bill that would make research more available during KU visit

Eeeeuuuuuuwwwwww. The words "Yoder" and "transparency" don't belong in the same sentence.

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Dems blast website seeking examples of school waste

Wonder why Brownback hasn't proposed this anonymous anecdote gathering for every other part of the Kansas system?

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Lawrence artist miffed after Topeka restaurant removes Brownback painting

Oh c'mon. Do we *really* believe Brownback's office had nothing to do with this? The same folks who hounded a teenager for tweeting "heblowsalot"?

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In the battle over Big Bird, Schlingensiepen defends PBS; Jenkins says taxes shouldn't be supporting it

Sure, eliminate PBS, because that 0.012% of the federal budget gets in the way of more corporate welfare for Jenkins and Romney and their big-donor buddies.

By Jenkins' logic, we should privatize roads, public libraries, national parks, tornado sirens, streetlights, and sewage treatment plants. The U.S. Constitution doesn't make provision for those either.

When the government provides those services, at least the consumers - us - have some say in how they're run. When those services are privatized they tend to be monopolies (Westar Energy? Cox? remember AT&T?) and we the people have little to no input.

But Jenkins' corporate buddies would make out like bandits.

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Dinosaur hunter finds triceratops

No worries, blindrabbit, Detrich is a diehard creationist.

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Democratic nuns?

Right, men commit most of the violent crimes because they're never ruled by emotion. [/sarcasm]

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Group of ex-GOP lawmakers: Schools need more funding

+10 well said

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Koch responds to criticism

In IJM's skewed mathematical world apparently "calling out unequal treatment" = "against free speech."

Either IJM doesn't *understand* the difference between an editorial and a letter to the editor, or he's just trashing me because he disagrees but doesn't have a rational argument.

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Koch responds to criticism

Interesting that Koch's defense is given LJW editorial status while Grant's letter was relegated to the word-limited letter-to-the-editor pile. Really, Dolph? Your journalistic acumen couldn't handle Grant's remarks so you had to call in Koch's professional spin jockey and give her your imprimatur? Tsk tsk.

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Financial expression

If you work for a Jehovah's Witness, don't expect blood transfusions or transplants to be covered.

If you work for a Christian Scientist, only prayer- or faith-related 'cures' would be allowed.

If you work for an Amish employer, you wouldn't get health insurance.

All of a sudden, it becomes very attractive for employers to espouse whatever religion can save them the most money on their employees' health insurance.

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