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Labor, community groups plan to rally against Americans for Prosperity

Um, Kansas IS a right-to-work* state. Absolutely nobody has to join a union, period.

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Ad campaign accuses Kansas schools of low academic standards

Our friendly neighborhood spider says, "But Kansas doesn't require students to have full comprehension to be considered Proficient and Meet Standards"

EEEEEEEEKKKKK! What, kids don't have to perform perfectly to pass?

Dave Trabert and the Koch Policy Institute expect nothing less than perfection from public school kids.

Meanwhile they refuse to release the names of their major contributors. "It's private, it's free enterprise" they claim.

When their "free enterprise" is trying to take away our "free public education," we DO have every right to know who's bankrolling the ads!

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Simons' Saturday Column: Universities should put spotlight on academic stars

Isn't Dolph the one who gets to decide what's newsworthy and what isn't at the LJW?

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Senate approves bill allowing alcohol consumption in Statehouse

From the way the Legislature's been passing paranoid nanny-state bills ("gubmint so small it'll fit in your uterus!") we figured meth has been legal in the Statehouse since January 2013.

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Collective bargaining issues expose open rift among education lobby groups

<b>Dave's bosses at ALEC don't grade state school systems on student achievement.

Instead, they're graded on how well they follow the ALEC playbook of privatizing public schools.</b>

For example, "Indiana's ALEC grade improved to a B from a C+ in 2010 even though its NAEP scores declined from 13th to 17th. Indiana did, however, pass several pieces of legislation in the last year that were influenced by ALEC model bills, including the creation of a statewide voucher school program, merit pay and restricted collective bargaining rights for teachers, and deep budget cuts."

Dave *says* he's all about increasing student achievement, but nowhere does that appear in his bio for the KPI. His bio focuses on his function as an ALEC task force member and on his work for a private education choice foundation.

It's almost like Dave's concern for student achievement is a smokescreen for what he and his ALEC bosses *really* value.

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Appropriations chairman alleges that head of Kansas Turnpike offered $25 million to kill merger proposal

That $30 million in savings is going to come from the same place as that $2 billion error and the billions spent on tax cuts.

We already knew our Governor hates science; now that math doesn't align with his ideology, look for changes to the math curriculum soon.

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Brownback wants school finance case to go to mediation

Good point. Gov wants to appoint his own judges so he accuses the current judicial selection process of being "secretive" and "undemocratic." But "secretive" and "undemocratic" mediation is just fine if it means he and the legislature can keep shirking their constitutional duties.

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Fighting continues over anti-union bill

The Leg is messing with paychecks, every one of which is privately held.

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Letter: Union attack

So teachers, police, firefighters and street cleaners aren't allowed to have a voice, but WalMart, BCBS, Koch's companies, Dillons, HyVee and others get to be heard via the Kansas Chamber of Commerce? "Free speech for me but not for thee"

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Capitol Report: Drug testing for state benefits; Landwehr lands state job; Brownback changes tune on EITC

"Merrick said when he goes to the store, it 'blows my mind,' when he said he sees people who receive state benefits buying cigarettes and alcohol."

Cigarettes and alcohol are illegal now?

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