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Police say they have a suspect in Sunday's fatal hit-and-run

I just searched Jake Deckert and hit on the one for Kansas may need to be a member of the Kansas network to view the site though.

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Police say they have a suspect in Sunday's fatal hit-and-run

Unreal...I just checked out his facebook. If I were the police I would definitely want to get in touch with the girl who posted "hope your car is okay" because it sounds like she was with him...they were at Fatsos and then to McDonalds. Unbelievably incriminating evidence!

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Police stay busy on game night

I think that last night could have been much worse...they certainly didn't have the same luck in Michigan and needed tear gas to control a crowd of college students partying... think that the police did a great job for the short amount of time that I was down there. There were some who wanted to give them a hard time but they did a good job of taking the abuse.

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City's electric vehicle hits road do these people think that the electricity is magically delivered to the outlet in the wall??? Electric cars are not the answer. Furthermore, cars powered by corn are just as unsettling, I don't think the solution to the energy crisis is to end up charging people more at the grocery store due to increased food costs as a result of food shortages from fuel production. Unreal...

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A plague of potholes

The intersection of University and Crestline is probably the worst it has ever been...I'm considering a maintenance request with Meadowbrook to see if that hurries the repairs at all.

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Suspect in woman's kidnapping arrested in Kansas City

Yes, I think that pepper spray is a useful self defense mechanism. The only caveat is that people need to be well informed on how to use it and understand that it is something that could potentially be used against them by an attacker if they use it improperly. In this setting it seems that it could have been helpful.

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Football game and commercials draw few to downtown bars

I'm pretty sure the commercial with the screaming animals was a Bridgestone commercial and not a Saab commercial. But funny nonetheless!

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Two men charged after shots fired on K-10

Here is the story I was remembering. Striking similarities between the two, only no one died in this incident. It's hard to ignore the fact that both shootings took place after persons left Last Call and while they were driving on a Kansas City area highway.

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Two men charged after shots fired on K-10

"Two men charged after shots filed on K-10"

After shots FIRED. Also, was this this weekend? I thought there was another incident recently where a Kansas City shooting had also been linked to the Last Call.

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KU to celebrate football season

I agree with guesswho...parades are for national champions. KU had a wonderful season but having a parade makes it look as though we don't expect it to happen next season. We wouldn't have a parade if the basketball team made it to the final four and lost now would we??

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