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Officers won't face criminal charges in ticket-fixing case

These guys are going to pay dearly for the rest of their lives for some damn basketball tickets. What makes this really bad is that it dates back 12 years.

My understanding is that both of these guys were well liked by their peers, community, and employer. Both were seargents.

Seriously, if all you did since college is be a law enforcement officer, what are they looking at for employment? Remember Brian Edwards, who was a veteran of the force who plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge related to something involving a false claim on a computer manufacturer or something along those lines. He ended up being an adjunct professor at Washburn and now is in senior management for loss prevention for Nebraska Furniture. I really do hope these two men find a way to support their families. As 20 year veterans, these guys were making 65-75k a year. Any law enforcement job in any other state.... this is going to follow them.

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Mass. Street to close on Saturday if KU wins

I will most certainly be there with Seargents Sarna and Monroe to keep the peace. I am going with these guys because we most certainly will have the best seats at the bar and we can get free drinks.

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Second Lawrence police officer in ticket-fixing investigation no longer employed with the city

Sgt. Mike Monroe has been with the department since at least 1995. HE WAS THE HEAD OF INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS, a/k/a DEPARTMENT OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. Let's see how on earth he can ever get a job anything related to a job that would require strong moral character. Even though he didn't get a conviction and would not have to disclose his reason for termination, this will follow him like a bad STD. The same goes for Sgt. Matt Sarna. Two twenty (20) year veterans of the department, and in a supervisory capacity. WOW. Khatib inherited a disaster. Olin must have seen this coming and it is interesting how quickly Olin resigned his position with the KU Athletics Department. How about doing an article/interview with Ronald Olin, Phd.

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