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McLouth High football player Trevor Roberts loses part of leg after compound fracture during game

You people who scream blame the doctor are either just dumb or related to scum bag ambulance chasing lawyers. The poor kid had a compound OPEN fracture--the second his bones pierced the skin he was exposed to all the microorganisms on that football field--how is the doctor to blame for gangrene? do you people sue your plumber, car mechanic, etc everytime something goes wrong? Well you all are going to get what you deserve foreign docs you can't understand or pa's masquerading as docs--the word is out our brightest are not going into medicine anymore due to frivolous lawsuits for one thing and cut in payments despite escalating business expenses just like everyone else--just wait and see the real crisis in healthcare --as the American guys who get blamed for everything that goes wrong with the human body are no longer there working 60 hours a week --- no longer running to the hospital at all hours of the night for too many unappreciative idiots like some on this blog have demonstrated. Good luck to this unlucky fine young man and scr**w you finger pointers

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