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Lawrence mayor says his talks with Delaware Indian tribe didn't involve casino

There is a mandatory trust which the secretary of the interior must accept putting the land in trust, but, according to Fee to Trust handbook, version II July 2011, this is off-reservation and the mandatory trust cannot be used. (The term used in all documents dealing with putting land in trust.).

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Lawrence mayor says his talks with Delaware Indian tribe didn't involve casino

Their headquarters with a clinic would be great for Lawrence, but not on that property. I am concerned that their research did such a poor job of finding property. Someone, either the pines or the mayor should have informed them of the 5 yr battle to protect this soil. How about near the new Rock chalk sports complex.

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Lawrence mayor says his talks with Delaware Indian tribe didn't involve casino

To soon to talk casino. NO. They have to know what they plan before filling out all the paper work to place in trust.

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Lawrence mayor says his talks with Delaware Indian tribe didn't involve casino

In the Leavenworth paper in March the tribe leader stated they were researching to make sure they would be welcome. I think they have a right to drop the sale if they were not told about the five year fight to protect the land for agri-business. Since 2009 the Delaware won the right to be consider their own tribe and not part of the Oklahoma Cherokee.
Their are 2 sets of rules that they have to fill out for the secretary of the interior stating what they plan to do with the land. If for gaming they have to fill out both.

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Letter: What’s wrong?

The Planning Department does ask. Problem is how the Planning Department is graded. To many times at Planning Commission meetings and City one hears from staff they need to work around codes and policies. Case in point fake grass, 901 NH, Varsity house to name a few recent.

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40 years ago: Crowds gather in stadium and on hill to watch annual fireworks

I remember about 1984 or. 5 we were sitting on the hill and someone had their dog and a sunburst didn't make it high enough and we all were enveloped in the fireworks. No one hurt, but the dog caught a piece of the fireworks and scared him. The whole hill spent the rest of the fireworks enjoying them and helping comfort the dog.

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10 Lawrence police officers disciplined for complaints last year

1) as to answering questions to be able to blog. iPad - I did not have to answer any questions, but if answering a sales type survey I.e. how much juice do you drink in a week, pays so you can continue to get your Internet paper for free quit complaining.
2) internal complaints I can understand allowing the police to continue policing itself. Businesses do and so do government agencies. However, complaints by the public, such as not reporting domestic crime there needs to be some external policy to give the public info. If not a name, at least the info on the action taken. This kind of issue has caused many police department problems, because so many police departments have been accused of not supporting domestic abuse as a real crime. I know Lawrence's police department works very hard to improve their transparency and reputation with the public. Lawrence should take amore transparent approach on complaints from the public. If only to the person that filed the complaint. If they are it should have been stated. There are members of the public who take a stronger view and less willing to trust any police department. The suggested action could help alleviate many concern issues and support more open public engagement.

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Lawrence among best venture capital markets per capita

Lawrence has one incubator and that is the bioscience. As for ventures for unknown start ups, No way. Ii am glad Lawrence finally got on the animal acience corridor between Manhattan and Columbia. Graduates coming out of KU tend to go to Chicago for start up friendly fees where there are business incubators or farther away. This has been a major draw back for Lawrence. Vermont has some great ways to help communities grow through programs that support young adults partner with business people getting ready to retire. Only if you are interested in a narrow band of pharmaceuticals and sciences do people have a chance. There is far more we can do that everyone else is doing before Lawrence can really be considered a great place to start a business. It is not about the number of people vs Capitol out lay it is about the number of capital opportunities period.
The chamber has done a great job under the new CEO Greg Williams and I expect to see more. A brick and mortar tech school, a report that just barely sctraches the surface of looking at our job skills and why so many leave town to go to work, and non government partners in funding sources for economic development.
The city and KsDot considering a regional transportation system is another good start, but this area of the country is very far behind much of the rest of the country. Not ready for any back slapping yet.

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Mock funeral crowd mourns ‘death’ of Kansas

Stupid cuts to the endangered species list, cuts to the environmental act to name a couple more

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