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Report: $30M police facility needed

How about expanding across the street to the site of the eyesore Allen Press building and warehouse? Is anything going on there these days besides slow decay?

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Jet sparks curiosity

I'm not one of those people who gets freaked out by a low flyover. I caught a glimpse of it and I'm always just a little awed by the sheer power of those things as they go by. Maybe it's a "guy thing". BUT, to look at the paper this morning and discover that apparently we don't have any rights to know what it was or where it came from or even some vague idea what it was doing really bothers me. Actually it really pisses me off. What kind of arrogance leads the military to refuse to answer even the most basic questions about a low level flyover of a city by one of their (our) aircraft? Operational security? really? Didn't we pay for this?

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Town Talk: Speciality grocer has looked at Borders but building still on the market; city to consider traffic calming for Crescent Road; bike lanes vs. on-street parking may become future issue

Please tell me the sidewalks on the 23rd St. bridge are for the new bridge, not the current one that's due to be demolished soon.

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White House announces Obama's speech Tuesday in Osawatomie to focus on economy

Link to Roosevelt's New Nationalism Speech.

The more things change...

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Kansas Democratic Party leader says Obama will visit Osawatomie next week

Link to Roosevelt's New Nationalism Speech.

The more things change...

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Vital statistics provide snapshot of Kansas

Interesting to see that the birth rate went down by 3.4% AND up 11.4%. I have to assume that the marriage rate refers to the number of people who got married in the last year, not the number of Kansans who are currently married.

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restaurant battles....Yesteryear edition

Now that brings back some good memories.

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restaurant battles....Yesteryear edition

it was in Baldwin and it was the Black Jack Cafe. Great trip on Saturday morning listening to Rick Frydman's Ethnic Cowboy Show on KJHK

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Jim Seaver, KU Western Civilization fixture, volunteer and opera enthusiast, dies

Many years ago I took a class, Rome - Biography of a city from Dr. Seaver. It was a survey class spanning many disciplines. The class class was taught by many of the "old guard" professors at KU. Seaver, Francis Heller, Dan Politoske, Ed Eglinski, and others. It was a magical presentation. The final class period was a round table, with all of them discussing what made that city special. Hackneyed though it may sound, it was a life influencing experience, especially the last session, wherein they discussed why Rome meant so much to them. Dr. Seaver's story was among the most moving. Bless him for his input into so many lives. My best to Virginia in her loss of a world class gentleman. I hope that my children are privileged to have such a font of historical wisdom to learn from.

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Tax exemptions

According to the report, Kansas tax revenues in 1995 were 3.06 billion, which is about 4.4 billion in inflation adjusted 2009 dollars. In 2009 the state collected 5.4 billion. Then throughout the report there are references to dwindling state revenues. Am I missing something?

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