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Lawrence school board to welcome new members, hear survey report highlighting teacher performance

"In a report to the board, DeSieghardt said the performance of district teachers earned the highest score, a GPA of 4.37, calculated by an "A" grade equaling five points and an "F" grade equaling one point." I guess they wouldn't want to use the system that's used the grade students. This makes some of the high C's look a little bettwr

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Aging Lawrence High School would receive bulk of bond issue funds; a look at most pressing needs

One of the main things I would argue out of David's points above is his mention of "project managers". The school district did a poor job of project managing the last round and they should not try to handle project management in-house. I'm fine with bringing the schools up to date with appropriate class sizing and the necessary tech to provide a modern education, but they need to recognize that the administration is not qualified to act as project managers for these huge construction projects.

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Updates on a pair of high-profile demolitions in town; longtime restaurant on Iowa Street closes

"Sorry, but 2412 Iowa will always be the Shoney's building to me, as that was the first business at that location. "

Wasn't that the location for the Wagon Wheel restaurant in the 60s/70s?

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City asked to financially back outdoor rec center at Clinton State Park

And since the Corps (or is it the County?) closed all or most of the unimproved camping areas along the North shore of Clinton, there is a decided lack of camping areas already. Giving people an opportunity to connect with the natural environment is critically important to developing their ability to appreciate what a powerful force it is. If you want a cool, sanitized, man made outdoor water experience, go to Oceans of Fun. Don't try to civilize yet another chunk of nature to make it palatable to your expectations.

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Lawrence City Commission to decide on Kasold Drive reconstruction design

I pass through the 19th and barker roundabout every day, often multiple times. On Bicycle, Car and on Foot. Is it perfect? Nope, no more than the drivers are. Are there abundant examples of how people fail to use it correctly? Yup, cause they are full of navigationally challenged humans. I can find plenty of examples of stupid driving at just about any 4 way stop, yield or traffic signal in town. Occasionally around 5:30 or so the traffic backs up on 19th all the way back to Learnard. It then progresses pretty quickly. Nothing like the long hangups at the old 4-way that was there when I moved into the neighborhood. You've all been around long enough to remember when "rush hour" could mean traffic backed up from the stop sign at Barker to the traffic signal at Mass. Seen that one lately? Everything has its ups and downs. I can't understand the level of vitriol that every change to the traffic controls engenders. I mean, really guys (David, Fred, Kendal et al) it ain't your fathers intersection and the traffic isn't a horse and buggy either. Can we accept some minor inconveniences and learning curves without implying the end of civilization as we know it is nigh? Sheesh!

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Kansas homeowners pick up larger share of tax burden; commercial, industrial and ag taxes stay flat

Peter, what makes up the missing ±20%? Individual personal property taxes?

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State delays nearly $260 million in payments to schools as Kansas finances fall short again

Patricia, I may be indulging it a bit of rhetorical whining, but as far as your suggestions go, I can't agree with your tactics. For one thing, if you live in Lawrence, voting a straight D ticket isn't really going to change anything, except potentially eliminating Tom Sloan, one of the handful of reasonable, responsible moderate Rs left in the Statehouse. A balance of some moderates in both parties is likely the only way we are going to get meaningful discussions and responsible legislation in the Kansas Statehouse.

As for impeaching State officials, the Statutes state " Officers impeachable; grounds; punishment. The governor and all other officers under this constitution, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." and in any legally enforceable sense, that just ain't gonna happen.

Recall elections can be petitioned based on "...(a) Grounds for recall are conviction of a felony, misconduct in office or failure to perform duties prescribed by law.", which seems minutely more feasible from a legal standpoint, but also requires roughly 350,000 signatures within a narrow 90 day window (40% of the votes cast in the last election). Good luck with that.

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What do you think a fair fine for parking violations downtown would be?

Agree with the comment regarding posting the times. Many meters either are missing the little placard with the meter hours or the windows are so foggy that you can't read them

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State delays nearly $260 million in payments to schools as Kansas finances fall short again

Kansas Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan blamed the shortfall as part of a national trend.

“Unfortunately, Kansas is a part of a national trend with many states reporting reductions in revenue collections because of a weak economy,” he said.

There is a lot of interesting State by State comparison data on a whole variety of economic indicators in these Pew Charitable Trusts reports that would seem to expose the blatant deception in this statement. It's worth noting that the Pew Trusts are not exactly a liberal institution.

When do we get our State back? The idea that fiscal conservatism just means not spending money is foolish, incorrect, short sighted and irresponsible. "Conservatives" may be fond of saying that "grey" is a uniquely liberal perspective, but they seem to be unwilling to recognize the black and white decline that is in front of them. An appreciation for grey does not mean that you can't tell right from wrong and the direction we are going is simply wrong.

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