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Was a Haskell Indian Nations University employee ordered to leave campus?

All types of things go on at Haskell and its time for it to stop. They could begin with getting rid of a lot of the Haskell staff (my wife agrees) it's time to start firing people. The supervisor in this case would be a good start. My wife and were betting this would happen....that Haskell would get worse after Dr. Warner left and it has. Haskellnews keep checking your e-mails we have some more news for you. And one question was this the same supervisor who was suppose to work for an employee last year who was having dental surgery and then did not show up and a female student was raped in the dorm, while no staff was there????? Maybe we have this person mixed up with someone else? Or maybe we don't? Does anyone know?

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Natives should REJECT this "University."

True so true. They need to stop wasting taxpayers money with that place. Close it down send the Haskell students over to KU where they can get a real education and a degree from professors who are actually real professors with degrees in the subjects they teach !
P.S. This was a great post. Thanks Haskell News.

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Chris Redman named president of Haskell Indian Nations University

Should have kept Dr. Warner. At least us taxpayers would be paying for a qualified president over there. "the least qualified good old boy" has anyone taken a good look at their board of regents lately? They had a good president in Dr. Warner, employees who did not want to work with her should have been let go. Instead after she left so did most of the good employees and all those great programs she had put in place.Then Haskell was without a president for two years way to go BIA. We taxpayers are so tired of paying for Haskell and the mess it has become.

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Former Haskell student trying to change rule permitting only federally recognized tribes for admission to university

"Cedric Sunray is a Kansas University graduate" why is this person wanting back in Haskell?
Looks like he has a degree. Tax payers can't afford for the current Haskell students to be there.
To let them remain there for six , seven or more years or to admit them once they have a degree is ripping off the taxpayers. Graduates need to get jobs. Not keep going back to Haskell. My wife and I worked long and hard in Douglas County for years and not because we want to support people with degrees who want to return to Haskell or stay there for years.

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Haskell vision

@ ThatsThat
Superbly stated.
Right on all accounts.

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Haskell vision

@ NMXeagle My wife and I agree with everything you said except "While her personality may not have been ideal for that position" there was nothing wrong with Dr. Warner's personality. She came to Haskell as a true professional, with a professional's personality. Something that most Haskell employees were not and are not use to. Her job was not to run around the campus and join the Haskell cliques and she did not. She rose above the rap that goes on out there and against all odds tried to build Haskell into a university that Indians could be proud of and for that her reward was to be bullied and reassigned. Her personality didn't have a thing to do with the childish behavior of some of the Haskell employees and members of the Haskell board. That being said two years after she is gone we see what Haskell is like and without Dr. Warner at the helm it is a waste of taxpayers money. Mr. Redman cannot save it now, the same people who were out to destroy Dr. Warner remain and have now destroyed Haskell would you not agree? This was not a personality problem rather as Dan Wildcat put it, it was and remains to be a Haskell union problem .... close the doors don't waste one more of our hard earned tax dollars on trying to save it.

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Haskell vision

The first thing Mr. Redman needs to do is get a new board of regents.
When Alice tries to chase after the White Rabbit she comes across Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. When Mr. Redman gets to Haskell my wife and I are pretty sure he will also run into them, they need to go too.

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Breaking News: Congratulations to Mr. Chris Redman, new President of Haskell Indian Nations University.

@ NMXeagle
We have also heard he is a nice guy. Hopefully The BIA will back him up and allow him too do the right thing. That little group over there at Haskell who think that they run things are in for a surprise. Echohawk has no choice but too back Redman up. Not backing up two Haskell presidents would make him look really bad. Hope he does some house cleaning he might want too start with the board of regents over there.

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Dan Wildcat notes that Haskell's problems are rooted in the ....Union.

@ drillsgt you are right on the mark.

We thought Haskell was having budget problems? if that's so why are their teachers working this summer with no students to teach?
Dan Wildcat probably should be in trouble over that making students buy his book thing. My wife and I looked at the US Dept of Justice site and it states" A federal employee is prohibited from participating in any matter in which he has a financial interest." Why does this not apply to Dan Wildcat? Are the books he is making students buy on climate? too us that a second problem, since he has no apparent degree in climate anything?
My wife and I have said it before and we will say it again Haskell is a waste of taxpayers dollars and needs to be closed it continues to get worse by the minute.
Venita Chenault and Dan Wildcat do need too go on up the road to 75.

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Dan Wildcat notes that Haskell's problems are rooted in the ....Union.

As my wife and I understand it Dan Wildcat is member of the Yuchi Tribe the last decades of the 20th century, the surviving Yuchi have reorganized and tried to gain federal recognition as a tribe, they have not been successful. The unrecognized Euchee (Yuchi) Tribe of Indians is headquartered in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Therefore he would not be recognized as a member of a federally recognized tribe. He should be telling people this when he is running all around the country proclaiming to be an American Indian expert in climate change and receiving grant after grant for his supposed expertise in this field. He degrees are in sociology ( surprise)! and Public Administration. We found that here:

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