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Lawrence movie theater to undergo million dollar-plus renovation; update on plans for large music venue in North Lawrence

I grew up around here. We had 4 theaters in town. It's crazy to me that 30 years later we are a larger town with ONE theater. ONE. And it has been embarrassingly outdated for 20 years. Lawrence, wake up and realize why people leave town to shop full-sized stores and catch a movie...our options here are lousy! we have yet to figure out how to capture the potential revenue of locals and those coming to visit.

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Couple at center of November homicide may have fallen into resource 'gap'

Midland Care provides the PACE program in Douglas County They also offer the Day Center on Perry Street, for the elderly or disabled person to have care during the day while their loved one works during the day.

Taking care of an aging or disabled individual at home is a huge commitment and I'm thankful for these programs that can help. It is a shame that insurances kick in the $$ when they go to a facility, but not when they are at home.

The cost to the government (taxpayers) is SO much higher when care is delivered through a facility. Never mind the price the individual has to pay by being in a lonely, isolated place away from their family and familiar surroundings.

Those that work at long-term care facilities, please don't take offense, I'm sure you do a fantastic job, but nothing is better than home and family (for most, anyhow).

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