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Race organizers seek city support

I think the point is that the city could offer city services at low or no fee and more funds would go directly to the Health Care Access Clinic. No one is pocketing money as a result of the run.

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Race organizers seek city support

KS and Cowboy really show how much support the local community has for runners and charitable causes. Way to go!

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Race organizers seek city support

This is a great opportunity for the city to step up and host the largest 1/2 marathon in the state of Kansas. It is associated with the MARA Grandprix events and will bring 2,000+ people to town. Not as big as a football game, but enough to notice. The new course is a major improvement from running an out and back on the south trail and brings the runners into the heart of the city. I congratulate the Rileys for their effort in this endeavor.

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Odd taste in city water explained

Ok, I am sensitive to the taste and can tell a difference. Am I one of the few? I think not!

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Bush may rally Ryun supporters in Topeka

If you take a drive through SE Kansas you will see the support for Boyda is more than just Western Lawrence. Go Boyda!

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Preachers draw jeering crowd at KU

Fred wouldn't accept them, they are black.

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KU employee struck by car on campus

I was the 5th car in line after the accident. The driver was doing everything he could for the guy on the ground. As per the other comments, the sun was very bright as it tops the buildings, even at 7:51. I feel bad for both the driver and the librarian. It was an accident and I do mean accident. Drivers should watch crosswalks, most notabley on campus and people in crosswalks need to make eye contact with drivers.

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