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Should teachers be evaluated on student test scores?

Did I say I wanted to quit? Did I say all if that? Don't think so. I said I wasn't complaining. I was pointing out how your comment about my working ten months out of the year was bogus. I knew what I was getting into. If I didn't, I wouldn't still be in the "profession". I think I've seen your rants here before about this topic and your response seems to confirm I have. Sounds very familiar. By the way, if you really think teachers aren't getting sued for "malpractice," where are you hiding these days?

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Should teachers be evaluated on student test scores?

Oh, sorry John Graham, didn't catch what you were saying. School just ended for me on Thursday and since then I've had my head in a book about project-based learning, which my school will be implementing next fall. Then I'll be reading up on the current idea of blended learning (student interest-guided instruction concept). Middle of June I'll be starting to meet with my team to start organizing our year by themes which will intertwine reading/writing/social studies/science, another concept we're bring asked to implement to meet Kansas's version of the Common Core. In July I am traveling to Oklahoms to meet with a friend whose specialty is adventure education, to work on plans for "motion breaks" for use during the day to help my kids who can't focus/sit still to get rid of some energy and improve their academics. When the first of August rolls around, I will be returning to my classroom to set up my room as I had to take it all down, books and all, and pack it away so my room could be painted. Then my intern from KU will be showing up so we can start planning her place/responsibilities in my classroom for the fall. About that time, it will be my "official" contract day return. Now, what was that again about my only "working" ten months out of the year?

My first year of teaching I tallied the number of hours I worked in the school year and it added up to more than a year's worth of 40 hour weeks. And before you say, "Well, you signed a contract that said your work day was from 8:15-4:15, so you can't complain," I'm not. I just don't appreciate people making blanket statements about my profession. Meanwhile I better start setting aside the extra cash to pay for my new license. If you haven't heard, teachers are paying for the administrative costs of the new teacher evaluation program.

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Speculation grows that Old Navy may be tenant of proposed shopping center south of SLT; city may get stricter on downtown drinking establishments

Yep. I know that. Just examples of new business on this side of town that I am glad to see coming. People on the east side of Iowa do have some money to spend on retail and I think the bypass will bring more shoppers/business to this side.

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Speculation grows that Old Navy may be tenant of proposed shopping center south of SLT; city may get stricter on downtown drinking establishments

South Iowa overbuilt? Is that because it's not on the west side of town or not land owned by someone a commissioner knows? Give me a break. The bypass could help encourage growth/jobs for this side of town. Can't wait for Dick's to open as well as the restaraunt on Iowa and 27th. This area needs some spit and polish.

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City urging motorists to avoid 23rd and Louisiana area while crews repair fiber optic line

I know! I'll turn south on Haskell…oh, wait.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Still full-service

A great story about a great guy. There are numerous stories out there that people could tell about Rich. For me, it was the time that I pulled up to the station and asked Rich about why the AC in my car seemed to be struggling. Rich first topped off the freon (quite a bit was needed), then checked the system. He concluded that a part which keeps the freon moving was bad. I chose not to have it fixed (the part was more than the value of the car) and when I asked how much the freon was, Rich said, "No charge." A great guy who still cares about his customers.

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Cleanup continues after Lawrence hit with historic snowfall; several school districts close Thursday

Thank you city workers. We live in an established neighborhood in south central area and we were cleared early and well. City can't clean the whole town at once. This isn't the Jetsons. Priorities have to be made. In the 25+ years we've lived here, snow cleanup has never been a problem.

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Lawrence blasted with snow, but drivers avoid serious accidents; KU, schools close a second day

I'm sorry, but the people ordering cookies for delivery during a major snow storm need to check their priorities. Putting a driver at risk both physically and financially so you can have some warm cookies is pretty self-centered.

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What is your latest television obsession?


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