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Survey shows public skeptical about school testing, Common Core standards

I also would like to comment on the current trend of teachers' evaluations tied to test scores. Now, if I could guarantee that every child's family was supportive at home when it comes to completion of homework, had their kids in bed by 8:00 or 9:00, expected their child to study even when they have two soccer games that night, fed them breakfast, their family wasn't having some ongoing domestic issues, etc., I could appreciate the concept of testing tied to evaluations in some form. But I can't guarantee that.

I also can't guarantee that I won't be told to teach things a certain way by "the specialists" in the district office, only to find out that the process really didn't work in the end for my particular mix of kids that year.

I'm also still waiting to see how test scores will be tied to the specials teachers, such as art, music, technology, library, physical education, as well as the ELL teachers and the reading specialists. Very vague and rather troublesome to me because if a teacher wants to keep their job (in other words, their kids must do well on the state tests), what do you think they might be forced to do? Oh, no! Teach to the test and limit kids' knowledge base. Very frustrating.

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Brownback appoints his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Court of Appeals

I look forward to seeing what Mr. Stegall can add to the Kansas mix. I've known him for over 15 years, and I have seen in him a good father, loving husband, a caring friend, and a leader. I hate when folks take their attitudes towards a particular person, such as Mr. B., and automatically dump it on another by association, such as Mr. Stegall. I am a Republican, but lean toward the middle and am not thrilled with Mr. B. at all. While I am a public school teacher and am very frustrated with having almost no budget for my classroom this year (talking under $100, folks, if any), I do not hold that against Mr. Stegall. I'm sure what he will do will be based on much research and multiple views. Give him a chance!

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Activity along O'Connell Road heats up with $15 million affordable housing project

While I like the idea, I really do wish we could bring in more business and more jobs in that area. Our City Leaders continue to turn away business opportunities (Olive Garden on the abandoned and grafetti-covered Plum Tree), yet lets chain restaurants and such open up in New Lawrence.

Has anyone been in Ottawa lately? With their welcoming of several warehouse distribution plants and other businesses Lawrence turned down, their downtown is on the move again. New restaurants and other businesses, many locally owned. Plus, their personal property taxes, according to friends of ours, is going down. I appreciate the liveable wage housing plans, but this city needs more business and more tax base. Let's get some business out that way, too, and sooner, not later.

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Letter: Fireworks menace

Funny thing Is, we leave town so we CAN enjoy shooting fireworks. This Fourth, when we got back home, some folks near us were shooting things off until about 1:30. Both my dogs and I had a little trouble sleeping, but I just smiled and thought about the joys I had as a kid being able to shoot off fireworks with family and neighbors. It's once a year.

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

Meanwhile, one corner of 27th and Iowa remains empty and the old Plum Tree building is being covered with graffiti and plywood. Olive Garden couldn't get some tax breaks from our city to build there. Oh, wait. I forgot. I live on the wrong side of town!

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Wetlands advocates look for new ways to stop construction of South Lawrence Trafficway as legal battle ends

Give it up. Things happen. Like Westar taking all the trees out of my backyard! Besides, the folks who are against this always suddenly come up with some new eco/spiritual/historic reason to oppose it at the last minute, which just makes them look less believable, and quite silly, as the years go on. By the way, I think the comment about Native Americans having a greater sense of right and wrong is hilarious. But nice piece of self-promotion on the book.

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Lawrence City Commission sold on trying donation meter plan

I agree with cheeseburger on this. When I read the first article, I thought to myself "So is each of the guys who always asks me for money when I walk downtown going to get his own meter? Where are they going to put them all?" This is a great idea for ORGANIZED groups who are in need of money, but the guy who jumps out in front of me and chases my son because he doesn't like the t-shirt he's wearing is not going to be replaced by a meter.

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Does your neighborhood need traffic calming devices?

We live on a street that is two blocks long. By the time people get to our house they're driving about 40. They really need a speed bump in the middle of the street.

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Lawrence residents recall how they beat the heat in the days before air conditioning

My wife and I were discussing the "no a/c" condition as we read this article. Both of us grew up in Kansas and neither of us had a/c. Not even in our cars. We took a trip to Colorado once in a '63 Galaxy 500 which had no a/c. And it had vinyl seats! "Ouch" on the legs when you wore shorts. In the summer we would sleep on the living room floor and my parents would put a box fan against the screen door to pull in some cooler air. Fortunately we lived in a basement house so it was cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter due to being surrounded on three sides by earth. Basically, we just toughed it out. If we had to, we went to my grandparents' house up the road. They had a window a/c unit in their house. Still, I often find it funny that I complain when the a/c is not working well in a store or something. When did I become a hot weather whip?

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Do you bag your grass clippings?

We bag our clippings sometimes. I wish the LJW would look more closely at the choices of their polls. Often it is not a yes/no kind of thing, but they set it up like that. Sometimes we bag our clippings for use in our composte pit that we have. Sometimes we let the clippings fly as shade for the grass roots.

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