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TV options abound for cord-cutters, old-school and newfangled alike

We haven't had cable/satellite for over 13 years now. Little tabletop digital antennae pulls in a ton of things from KC and Topeka. We have Netflix dvd/blu and streaming, and a collection of movies/tv on dvd/blu. We're not big sports fans, but if we can't get the Royals or KU basketball at a critical time, we head to Johnny's or someplace. Haven't missed it.

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Longtime pediatrician remembered for helping kids, community

Doc Loveland and our toddler son had quite the time together 20+ years ago. Once our son told Chuck that he had the chickenpops. Another time Chuck was checking our son for something and when he went to pull down our son's underwear, Chuck discovered another pair! When he asked our son why he had two pair on, our son informed him that we had asked him to go put on clean underwear, which he did over top the dirty pair. Another time, Chuck told us that our son was the Poster Child for Eye Infections. Great guy.

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Road project for growing northwest Lawrence delayed by 2015 city budget

Continuing to OK apartments and home building, but sating "no" to retail. Bedroom Community with folks shopping elsewhere. That's Lawrence planning. Oh, and my taxes go up again.

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Letter: Market forces

It's holding out till a friend who owns some land or wants to develop something says they want to. That's how they work.

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Opinion: ‘Poor door’ a symbol of sad truth

Excellent piece. When I heard about this possibly happening, I just couldn't believe someone could even propose such a thing. Sad.

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Your Turn: Planning must respect community vision

I think I'll run right downtown and buy ten unique $75 shirts to wear this year to teach in. Oh, wait. Maybe I should get 10 less-unique $2O shirts at a south Lawrence retailer in case a student accidently bumps into me with a non-washable marker.

I love our downtown, but there are some things I cannot afford down there. Clothing at my income is one of them.

Shopping center as a gateway to Lawrence is a problem? Yeah. A car dealership and a movie theater is much better…

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Your Turn: Planning must respect community vision

Candice - So does the proper setting for retail mean only the one on the right (northwest) side of town?

Since when has the town followed 2020?

Downtown is proportionately more food/drink than "retail" before 10:00am and after 6:00pm. Might be a shock to some Lawrencians to learn that there are those of us who need retail options other than 10:00 - 6:00. I love the downtown, but my wife and I consider it more of an entertainment district than a retail one at this stage.

Give those of us on the wrong side of Iowa and Wak a chance at retail.

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

You forget. It's not about planning, but about who it is that owns the land or who it is that wants to build the buildings.

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

A shopping center located at the meeting place of two highways is not the best place for one? With thinking like that, no wonder this city's in trouble. Of course, if this plan is presented again later with ties to local property czars, it will suddenly become a great idea.

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Letter: Don’t celebrate war

Ah, the LJW letters/blogs where not a holiday goes by without there being a letter denouncing the celebration of the holiday, a letter complaining about the way its celebrated, and posts slamming the people who are either pro or anti (insert holiday here). That's why we like Lawrence.

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