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Sebelius plan would raise tolls to pay for university repairs

Typical lib move. Raise toll on a turnpike which is supposed to be for road repairs.

So.. do ya think the toll will go back down after the repairs for the University are done? NOT.. Then where will the money go? They will keep taking it from us. That is true with every tax the libs push on us for anything.

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One dead in pre-game traffic accident

Prayers are with the families of those hurt..

It still begs the question.. Why hasn't liberal lawrence done anything to help it's infrastructure. They haven't planned for all this. The roads are not built to handle all this traffic for crying out loud!! They need an overpass! Quit worrying about the endangered frogs for pete's sake!

How is Lawrence going to continue handling all the traffic as the population grows, close entrances to business' on 23rd?? NOT!

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Kline, Barnett on last-minute whirlwind tour


Wrong. Kline had probable cause as was determined by a judge. That is how he got permission to get the medical records. There was a case where a 12 year old had had some abortions and finally someone outside of an abortion clinic reported it.. After it was reported, it went to Kline. That is how it all started.

What is so hard for your little pea headed mind to follow? The abortion clinics have been VIOLATING the LAW for years, and NO ONE HAS PURSUED IT, except Kline.
Call him what you may, but if you think this is wrong, then you agree with breaking the law and getting away with it WHICH IS A MORAL ISSUE, and if you agree with that you are on the wrong side of it.

It seems I am having to spell out something obvious to most of you who post here.. What is the deal? Are you not able to think through this yourselves? I don't get it.. Kline is righting a wrong here, and you all look at Kline as the one committing a crime. IT IS A CLEAR FACT THAT LAWS HAVE BEEN BROKEN OR THIS JUDGE WOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN HIM PERMISSION.

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Kline, Barnett on last-minute whirlwind tour

Did you see Kline on O'Reilly.. I think that pretty much sums it all up. Be careful because MORRISON PULLS MEDICAL RECORDS TO. He knows you have to have them sometimes to prove child rape. HE HAS PULLED THEM A THOUSAND TIMES..

Don't keep perpetuating your vicious lies about Kline just to protect these child rapists and doctors who are doing illegal things. That is what you are doing.
In your hate for BUsh, for Kline, for anything morally right you are inadvertantly supporting pedophilia, rape and law breaking.

If Kline did anything wrong, the judges would not have approved release of the medical records.. SHoot, these are liberal judges.. There was evidence of a crime for crying out loud!

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Warning shot

SHEESH! Please... All of you 40 somethings were young and got harrassed or teased or bullied at some point but NEVER thought of killing them.. DID YOU? I sure as heck didn't. I never thought of killing my classmates ever!

My older brothers teased me mercilessly, but I never ONCE thought of killing them. What is wrong with our teens..

Wait a minute.. I know.. Dr. spock started it a long time ago.. Then came Oprah and the 'feelings' culture, then we got rid of spanking and consistent discipline along WITH encouragement and rewards for good character qualities AT HOME.. AT YOUNG AGES.

We have turned our kids into narcisitic little poops who have no respect for authority.
The kids took over their families and the parents checked out. Most of our kids are latch key kids these days.

We are reaping the results of straying from the parenting of the past. We psychoanalyze our kids now, and tell our boys they can't play tag.. We are too politically correct and are afraid to do and say anything that would hurt someones' feelings.

Tis a strange world we live in. I fear for our future. These kids who know no bounds and have an excuse for bad behavior.. It is scary.

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It's confirmed: Bush is coming to Kansas

Bearded gnome,
You will like this from Mark Levin: Evidently he did some research on Claire Mccaskill..

(The truth about libs and taxes!!)

Claire McCaskill's husband Joseph Shepard's business could be directly affected by decisions she would likely make if elected to the Senate, but that's not the most disturbing thing about his enterprise. Apparently (though they are already worth roughly 15-30Mil) her husband uses a phony offshore company in Bermuda for "income stripping" to avoid paying taxes.

The most important thing to take away here, as Mark points out:
"These are people who play the system to make as much money as they can but don't want you to make as much money as you can. These are people who use their positions to enhance themselves and then use their position to weaken your position. To make you poorer while they become richer."

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It's confirmed: Bush is coming to Kansas

Ryun has more integrity in his pinky nail than you libs have ever had in your whole life. Have you ever heard his opponents commercials.. SHe doesn't give details as to what he has done wrong. She just spouts typical liberal lines, like.."He isn't for the little guy".. What a crock! What a lie.. Where is the evidence he isn't. Oops I forgot, ALL conservatives are not for the little guys.

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It's confirmed: Bush is coming to Kansas

Bearded gnome,
The truth is that the left is full of a bunch of wacko's. Just look at how they responded to my post. You gotta love it! ;-)
They have no clue that when you give 'big business' a tax break they tend to hire more people who then pay taxes hence more money coming in. People who maybe weren't paying taxes before because they didn't have a job. Our unemployment is down as well. Bush has done a tremendous job with our economy and in keeping us safe for 5 years.

No attacks in 5 years.. Hmmmm... We should have been attacked again.. we were all expecting it and it didn't happen.. Gee, I wonder why? This administration is doing something right..
WAIT A MINUTE.. I can't say that! Bush does nothing right according to the brainwashed liberal dweebs who believe what CNN and MSNBC say. Of course they are NEVER influenced by any news channel, why never!

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It's confirmed: Bush is coming to Kansas

Can anyone tell me IN DETAIL what the liberals WONDERFUL plan is for Iraq? What are the liberals plans to KEEP our economy booming like it is? IN DETAIL PLEASE! It isn't cutting taxes like Bush did to ignite our economy.. As a matter of fact the libs said they will RAISE TAXES and roll back the Bush tax cuts..

It amazes me how the drive by media has FAILED to report how WELL our economy is doing now. Clinton inherited an economy on it's way up from the previous administration, then by the time CLinton taxed the crap out of us middle incomers and the rich, we ended up with a HUGE SURPLUS, and our economy started to go downhill. This was about one year before Bush took over.

The surplus the libs like to brag about means he OVER TAXED US. HELLO? ESPECIALLY US MIDDLE-LOW incomers Once a low-incomer gets a raise or works triple time to be able to live decent, he will get 1/2 of it taken away!! the higher his income goes the MORE he gives to the libs to waste and give to people who don't want to work... I know first hand this is true as we saw how our money was being stolen in huge amounts by the libs. We could barely make it.

Then Bush comes along and cuts taxes, for the rich and the middle-low incomers!! He also gave us our money back from the surplus. We felt a huge sigh of relief after suffering from our small business going under DUE TO TAXES OF ALL KINDS.

Thanks libs for your LOVE for taxes and how you have put families like mine who were struggling down in the dirt. You claim you are for the 'little guy'.. That is a bunch of crap.. You aren't.. We are the little guy and you took our money. You took it from our kids we were trying to clothe and feed, and the one with autism we were trying to get therapy for. Because of your belief in "redistribution", you caused us to sell our VERY MODEST home and move into a co-op with dirt cheap rent in order to try to survive..

SO YES, I know about the libs and their tax hikes "FOR THE POOR" yeh right.. In reality they are aimed at putting the middle incomers in the dirt.. People who are trying to keep a small business running can't because of state, federal, withholding,quarterly and sales taxes, and a few more to boot. It is a travesty and it is a wonder any small business make it under liberal administrations.

Vote these liars out! I hope the republicans come in and surprise the heck out of the libs and the libs lose seats.

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Questions and answers from Kline following Tuesday's AG debate

what kind of questions are those? If Rothschild asked them, he is OBVIOUSLY stating his 'bias'.. you know, the liberal media bias the liberal journalists claim they DON'T have. It amazes me when they do these online chats how childish the libs are in their questions to conservatives.. If it were Morrison, I can assure you he would be coddled by this question asker, and given a pass.
Conservatives HAVE to get in the game now a days due to the wicked onsloughts of the Libs. The libs have been trashing conservatives for MANY YEARS, and the conservatives have always tried to take the high road. I think it is time to fight back, and I am glad Kline is.

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