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Papa Keno's assets seized by state

Does anyone know how hard it is to run a business when you are taxed out the ying yang? Withholding, quarterly, state, federal, sales taxes. It is RIDICULOUS how much money you lose trying to run a business. For all we know he put paying his employees above paying his taxes which is the humane thing to do. But he could have just been irresponsible with his money also. Who knows.I feel sorry for this guy if he was just trying to do the right thing. Regardless, no one thinks about how small business' get Scr***d when taxes go up. The libs try to brainwash people into thinking it is just affecting the rich. when in reality it hits small business'. When they report their income at tax time it will put them in the 'rich' tax bracket when in reality they aren't, so they are taxed at a higher level. I am sorry but taxes stink. We had a business go under for the very same reason. We were able to pay back our taxes but at a HUGE expense to us.. Try having to work three jobs to do it and even then it isn't enough. When things were getting rough we chose to pay our employees who were great workers.

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District makes case for raising taxes

Where does all the money go each time they raise taxes to give to the schools? Perhaps in the administrators and higher up's pockets?
New buildings and maintances perhaps., but what about the teachers? I am willing to bet it gets caught up in the beurocracy instead of going to the teachers where it SHOULD GO. I think this has been the typical history of public schools. The money is given to the administration or the higher ups before it gets to the teachers. I would love to see how high the administraters salaries have gone in the past 10 years as opposed to the teachers. Apparently in Lawrence they haven't given as much to their teachers as Olathe, Blue Valley and Shawnee have given. Perhaps the problem is with the beurocracy in Lawrence, not the fact that there isn't enough money.

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Judge orders Tiller to immediately turn over patient records

This has nothing to do with Kline or his views on abortion.

Tiller broke some laws. One in which he and other doctors DIDN'T REPORT GIRLS WHO WERE MOLESTED; Girls who were underage and pregnant.

Tiller and doctors in general are REQUIRED BY LAW to report these things and they didn't. So Morrison thinks that it is o.k. for pedophiles to rape underage girls. It is a crime to have sex with an underage girl in case you didn't know.

Tiller was breaking the law again when he gave late term abortions, i.e. partial birth abortions to women who didn't fit the qualification of 'medical necessity'. Plain and simple, Tiller broke the law and so does Planned Parenthood and Kline is one of the most courageous men I know.

I know, it is hard for the pro choicers to take off their emotional-religious hats and think for a while as to what is really going on here.

Don't worry, your freedom of choice won't be taken away by this. Hopefully, this will end up putting Tiller behind bars and maybe when women want to go in and excersize their freedom to take away the freedom of choice from their child they will get a more responsible murderer.

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Morrison resigns

oh the many memories of the mindless ones who believed everything they were told by the media and by Morrison and his campaign against Kline. I think The Kansas City Star and LJ World owes Kline a huge apology.

It turns out Kline wasn't after the abortionists because he was on a 'witch hunt', it turns out it was because they BROKE THE LAW.

Then Morrison, who is funded by Tiller and other "upstanding" abortionists decided he would protect them when they refused to report 9 and 10 year olds who were raped. I guess Morrison is o.k. with pedophiles getting away with molesting young girls, and apparently he is o.k. with abortion clinics breaking other laws as long as they give him money.

It is great to see that justice is being served right now.

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City shows interest in tax

Boog is trying to throw out the number '100' knowing he can convince the tin foil hats to support this tax hike. If 100 citites have this tax, Lawrence should have it, by golly!

Has anyone figured out that there are over 600 cities in Kansas? So the majority of cities in Kansas DON'T have it, and for a very good reason.

You wait, the sales tax hike is just around the corner. Boog even said it. He said he wanted to do this before having to consider raising the sales taxes.

Get out while you can!

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Just because other counties are doing it is a great reason for Lawrence to start doing it? What kind of hippie reasoning is that?

100 cities 'sounds' like a lot, but think about how many cities are in Kansas. There are over 600 cities!

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City shows interest in tax

I am glad we aren't living in Lawrence. Almost moved there, but the property taxes were too high and I don't want to live under a bunch of liberal, socialists who will take money from a family of 6 who are lower middle class. They took our money under Clinton's presidency and are doing it in Lawrence.

Don't buy into the lie that it is just the 'rich'. I have experienced Clinton's tax hikes first hand and I am not rich.

I feel sorry for the residents of Lawrence who voted conservative and have to live with the liberal majority.

The city of Lawrence is a smaller version of New Jersey. There has been a huge exodus from New Jersey because of the tax hikes under liberal rule. I wonder how many more people will move out of Lawrence?

Ooooh.. Just think if Hildabeast gets in, and Democrats remain in the majority in congress. Talk about tax hikes.

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Coulter speaks

At least she didn't pull a Murtha and call him Hitler.

She was referring to someone else, by the way, who called someone that name and ended up in rehab. It was a joke. (Bill Maher was NOT joking when he wished Cheney were hit by the assasin).

Ann thinks that is ridiculous that one would end up in rehab for calling someone a name. Let's face it, everyone is so sensitive and gets their feelings hurt so easily these days.

What is amazing to me is how some of these libs are some of the most vitriolic, name calling, foul mouthed, death wishing people I have ever seen and they always get away with it. Just go over to The Daily Kos and read what the Kos kids say about conservatives. Hop on over to the Huffington Post and read what her liberal friends say.

I will leave you with this comparison:

The left:

burn American flags

compare the president to Hitler

defend misogynist, homophobic, antisemite regimes

leak national secrets to their media outlets

campaign against surveillance of terrorists

join the Nazis and Islamofascists in their campaign against the Jews - sorry - "zionists"

join the fruitcakes in their quest to blame Bush for 9/11

call for the murder of political opponents

campaign for constitutional rights for captured taliban

pray for defeat in iraq

Ann Coulter:
called Edwards a f*#@**

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U.S. attack on Iran would be huge mistake

yeh.. I think we should hit Iran ONLY AFTER they have nuked us or Israel.. If they nuke ISrael, shoot.. Just let em' die, we should never ever go after another dangerous country again and make our military go to war. I mean, after all that is not what they are trained to do.

Nancy Pelosi has our best interests at heart! She wants to really DO SOMETHING about getting our VOLUNTARY men and women out of that horrible situation that seems to be improving now. But we need to get them out! After all they never signed up to end up in a war!
So, Nancy decides to put out a NON BINDING resolution?? I thought she promised to get our men out of there!! What a loser/lier! We want them out now!!

We want the kiling to stop!! When the war comes back over here and a nuke goes off, I still don't want our men and women to die so we should just let the enemy have our country. We should 'work with them' as they bomb us and force us to bow to Allah.

Does this sound kind of strange? It is exactly what all you liberals on this thread believe. It is totally logical you would come to this conclusion. It is sick and you are ruining our nation and you will lose your freedoms some day if you are not willing to fight and pre-emptively protect our nation.

If covert action within Iran doesn't succeed, we need to bomb Iran from the air. We need to take out their nuclear sites. If Israel doesn't do it, we need to. Otherwise, you liberals are risking losing your freedom to live how you want to live. When you whine about gay marriage not being passed.. Just remember if we are taken down you won't even be able to talk about your support for gay marriage, or Darwin for that matter. You think living in a 'Christian nation' is bad.. Try living under Islamic rule.

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Virtual schools' popularity explodes

I must say to sourpuss and the other commenter in agreement: Public school is not evil like you seem to think we think it is.. It is just that now a days elementary kids DO need to be sheltered until they are ready to handle all the social indoctrination the schools shove down their throats.
I am not against sending my boys to public if later in their years of school they want to go or if there are classes they can take that will help them more.

School really wasn't meant for socialization OR social indoctrination. It was meant for ACADEMICS. That is why you go to school.. To learn. Most of the people I know who grew up in public hated most of their peer relationships because of all the PEER PRESSURE.. There were a few good friends, but think about it.. One can make friends in the neighborhood or on a baseball team.. Actually, those are usually the ones you do more stuff with anyway.

Now a days schools are hellbent on teaching your kid about sex and what is their version of 'a family' as early as 2nd grade.. My kid will learn about that in MY TIMING.. That is MY JOB not the schools.

Also, both of my boys have special needs and they are high functioning, and the school refused an IEP for my one with aspergers, and refused a para for my one with autism. All because they aren't behavior problems.. (Probably because we had great therapy for them, AND we parent opposite the way the world tells us to).

They are highly intelligent, but are slow writing and wouldn't be albe to keep up with the fast pace of the classroom, so homeschooling is an excellent choice. They get tons of socialization at home, at church, on their sports teams, with the neighbors and each other.

Virtual school is going to be our choice next year.

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