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'Privacy' policy under attack

I have to say I am the mother of one of these girls and they are not finished with the story yet! I am VERY proud of them both. They are uncovering information that every parent SHOULD know and has the RIGHT to know, should WANT to know as well as those that do not have children but may someday. The NCLB Act impacts every child / family Senior or not. One of the things I was told about the NCLB Act (by a teacher) is that your child will never be held back even if they are failing and do not understand what they are being taught (no child left behind). Is this supposed to make our kids smarter???

My personal experience with the military recruiters: They called for my daughter. I asked that they NEVER call my home again; they called again and again until finally my daughter felt that it best to meet with them just to get them off her back. He did not ask if there was going to be a parent there. First time he came to our home my daughter was called into work and could not meet with him. Second time he came over, it was unannounced! My understanding is that a male recruiter is NOT to meet with a female "prospect" unless there is another adult available to sit in.
What made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up is that our number is unlisted for safety reasons and I'm thinking "How did they get my number?" My number is unlisted for safety reasons, the safety of my kids.
The schools don't tell you that you can OPT OUT (and if they do it must be in the smallest of print on the back of a form in a lower corner or something). They don't provide any information to you (that I have ever seen) that lets you know what the NCLB ACT is and what it means for your child or your family. They don't ask your permission to publicly display your child's personal information. I mean I would think that the least they could do since they are trading our kids for funding is splurge for the documentation to educate parents on what their rights are or are not. At the very least give parents and kids the right to OPT IN!

This story seems to focus mainly on military recruiting although that is how it began it has developed into much more. It's not just about the military. Think of this "what if": What is a third party exactly? Could that be any Joe off the street? Child molesters and pedophiles? Murderers and rapists?
We should want to keep our children safe, WE as parents and as a community need to, it takes us all. The only shame here is our Governments "policies and Acts" that are put into place to manipulate us, to blackmail us if you will, and in my opinion our Schools for selling our children, trading them for money, whatever you want to call it, it's wrong! Question is: Why? Why don't parents, communities and schools all across this nation ban together let our voices be heard.

UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. It's time to join hands people.
Go girls! Go all the way!!!!!

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