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Komen drops plan to cut Planned Parenthood grants

You are exactly right. This is not a time to 'celebrate' Komen's reversal. This is a time to keep the pressure on their board......They are the people who hired Karen Handly as their VP. You don't hire someone who goes against your own beliefs. It's pretty obvious what this group has become.

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Think tank says governor’s tax plan would benefit large businesses, wealthy investors

Thanks for your comment. Too bad the people who elected Brownback did not research what he was about before casting their vote.

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Hate talk

Thanks for saying what many of us are thinking, Kent.

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Lawrence Locales: Couple caretakers of historic home

I seem to remember that the Riordan's used either fed or state money for the bulk of the renovation. And was that the reason for the opening of the home for DS?

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Organizational void

I can think of no credible reason to appoint Linda Weis as chair of anything, so must assume her position was a payoff for campaign donations. It surely has been obvious to any thinking person that Brownback has no interest in anything to do with the arts. Someone should tell him that his actions are harming any chance KS might have of attracting new businesses to our state.

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Statehouse Live: Kobach campaign given maximum fine of $5,000 for mistakes in reporting campaign funds

There was never any doubt about Kobach's ethics. Unfortunately, voters in KS seem uninterested in ethics or intelligence. Just hit that hot button 'abortion issue' and you are elected.

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No thanks

Excellent letter, Mr. Gruber. Nice to see some sanity in KS.....

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What’s next?

Excellent editorial. One that should be read by every Kansan. Those who were hoodwinked by his campaign rhetoric and neglected to do their homework to find out who this man really is have put all of us in jeopardy.

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Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood

You are correct. His behavior does, indeed, reveal a religious zealot. Read about Opus Dei. It will open your eyes to what is coming for Kansas.

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Lawrence faith leaders to hold prayer vigil for SRS situation

The state of kansas has been taken over by people who refuse to acknowledge the division of church and state. It has been done with the money of David Koch (remember that his father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society) and the cooperation of fanatics like Brownback. If you did not see this coming, then you simply have not been paying attention over the last few years.

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