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Pendleton steps down as Free State soccer coach

USD 497 teachers have long complained that they're on a "farm team" for the stronger, better-paying districts like Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission. We lose a lot of great teachers because they get better offers from nearby districts. Lawrence offers more academic freedom than Johnson County districts, and probably fewer spoiled Johnson County students, but they pay more.

If we want to compete with other districts, we'll need to suck it up and pay more taxes.

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D.A. still mulling hit-and-run charges

I agree with the posters who are speculating that Branson is probably waiting to get all the evidence in so that he knows exactly what he can charge Joel with. I don't think he's going to get off scot-free here, so let's not call for the DA's head before we know that facts.

Mickeyrat, if the victim was intoxicated, it's possible that even a sober driver would have hit her in that situation. Until we know more, we can't be certain of the extent to which Joel is responsible.

What we do know is that he didn't stop to help or call 911, and I'm confident he'll pay for that mistake.

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Fraternity’s food and cash drive to benefit homeless

TKE's official philanthropy is the Alzheimer's Foundation, so the fraternity is probably doing this drive in addition to whatever the do for Alzheimer's.

I agree that TKE In a Box doesn't effectively mimic the homeless experience. Instead, they station themselves outside a grocery store where people in the community will see them and can conveniently buy items to donate. Considering most greek philanthropies are ignored by everyone outside greek life, I think this is quite a smart fundraiser.

It's unfair to say that these men are phony in their desire to help simply because they belong to a social organization.

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Police identify driver of car involved in fatal hit-and-run

I've never known Joel to be anything but friendly and good-hearted. Like a lot of people who know Joel, I'm shocked to hear that he was involved in this. It's very sad that he made such a bad choice. Sometimes good people do terrible things, and that's a very confusing and upsetting part of life.

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Students expect tough times finding part-time employment

My campus job only pays $7.50 an hour and sometimes I work as few as two hours per week, but I'm lucky to even have it.

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City’s economy grades ‘just OK’

It doesn't cost that much to live in Lawrence. It's more expensive than Topeka or Wichita, but it has less crime and is les... icky. It's less expensive than most other parts of the country, and probably less expensive than most towns with large state universities.

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Adoption groups decry ‘Orphan’ film

The line about it being hard to love an adopted child as much as your own is kind of offensive. The film as a whole just sounds silly.

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Sidewalk Sale devotees await annual downtown tradition

This article was written by an intern. Lay off, Snarky McCriticals.

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Should high schools be grades nine through 12 or grades 10 through 12?

The current set-up seems to work. When I was in school, they told us 9th graders were in the junior highs partly because there was no room for them at the high schools. They're both full with around 1200 students, and adding about 800 more to each building would be a bad idea.

The only problem I have with it is that it limits course offerings for advanced students. There are some 9th graders who could handle AP courses or have the ability to play in symphonic band or whatever it may be, but they can't.

I like the idea of a 9-10 and an 11-12, but the buildings are too far away. One of my high school teachers had a theory that Haskell would tank one day and the two high schools would reunite at that campus and become a super high school.

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Family comes first

I find it kind of amusing that Collins gets so chubby in the off-season. Glad to know things are OK with his mom and he's working hard.

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