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Bush to appear at private fundraiser for Jenkins

how is it possible when contributions after the primary are only $2300 that a contribution for this event can be received for $5,000 or $7500 for couples? Isn't that a violation of campaign finance law? Or is Jenkins funneling money places with the help of the President - also a violation of campaign finance law.

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Conservatives take stock of Brownback's presidential prospects

if the R's choose a moderate like Rudy or McCain - Sammy B would be the ideal Veep to appease the right wing voters.

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Democratic victory may slow Brownback's presidential endeavor

I actually think that it may make him seem more bipartisan because Kansas is now a purple state (via LJ World front page) and while Brownback is very much an extremist he's from a state that is more bi partisan and he'll get to take credit for playing nice with the other side - which I think will help him. At least if it were me that's how I'd spin it.

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Ryun concedes race is tight

Bush's approval in KS is 41/57 as of 10-16... maybe sending Laura out would have been a better idea.

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Boyda claiming lead in 2nd district race

if Ryun is still winning and Boyda's polling is wrong then why is Ryun appealing to moderates with a "pro-environment" commercial (while he's gassing up his SUV btw) - if he was winning he wouldn't need to do this or heck run commercials at all.

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It's time to dim the lights

reminds me of

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What do you think can be done to prevent people from returning to jail once they've been released?

"That would be harsher punishments for parole violators, stan!"

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Parking department employees need thick skin, people skills

There are a lot of circumstances where one pays the buck an hour for parking and say a class runs long, or you have to stop by the Prof's office afterward, or you miss the bus across campus and you have to run, or you run by the library to pick something up, or you get caught on campus when the weather is bad and you don't want to walk in the snow/ice/rain/sleet/lightning -- all of these situations could make you 5-10 minutes late - it doesn't matter .. you're still out 20 bucks.

Plus there were tons of times I decided to take a meeting with a Prof or a study group meet up i knew would run long and accepted the ticket

I honestly wonder what would happen if the University allowed a 30 minute lag time before they write a ticket. I bet it would cut down on half of the tickets they write. It isn't like on Mass Street where you only have a few blocks to walk, no steps, its not uphill, and sticking around isn't important to a class/grade/crutial info etc... and even if it is - its only $2 so it isn't as bad.

I think people need to be responsible and accountable for their tickets and for illegal parking - but my frustration always came when I paid $5 for parking - and then was a couple of minutes late (10 or 15) because of one of the things above and then I had to pay $20 on top of it.

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Opponent questions Ryun's energy mailing

Tax payers paid $38,000 and all we got was this lousey card and a do-nothing congressman. I think his campaign needs to write a check to Uncle Sam.

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E-mail campaign

"especially when it sounds like Ted Wilson probably uses a candidate's views on abortion as a "litmus test" for how he votes."

Don't you just HATE IT when people do that?! I know those single issue people drive me batty!

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