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KU student seeking passage of Kansas bill allowing veterans to pay in-state tuition rate at universities

Having taken advantage of the GI Bill in the Vietnam era at KU, I'd think this would be handled far better at the federal level to keep the program admission-neutral and make elite private education accessible to qualified veterans as well, as it continues to be for exceptional active duty personnel.

The University of Kansas, I'd believe, is welcome to set whatever mature-student admission policy it might choose and I can't imagine any university issuing a blanket welcome to any category of applicant at its lowest rate.

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Another sorry trip to Austin

I was there for the game. (A grand sea of orange; after the extraordinary pre-game extravaganza I was ready to suit up and play myself. For Texas.). Texas is talented, but very young, inexperienced, weak at quarterback, still developing leaders on staff and on the field. Kansas, in contrast, was pitiful, in every phase, not a hint of even fundamental competence, not a spark of energy. It is clear Jayhawk Nation has given up on this coach and this team and Saturday, from the stands, it looked like the team has given up on itself and quit on Mr Gill. I couldn't know when surgery is scheduled but, after yesterday, the patient is clearly on life support.

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Fiddlers, pickers fill South Park for state competition

That's my gal, Mary B on bass. Wahoo!

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Have you ever met someone who lived to be 100 years or older?

Forty-one years ago, at the Paddington-Woollahra Returned Servicemen's League club in Sydney, a 102-year-old Aussie veteran of the Boer War (1899-1902). He was in good form, whiskey in fist, accompanied by a mate, well in his 90s, a WWI vet.

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Have you ever attended an MLB opening day game?

Opening day, first season, Kansas City A's...

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Which sporting event would you like to attend most?

(1) Next Olympic Rowing competition, Eton (UK)
(2) Open at the Old Course (St Andrews)
(3) Henley Regatta
(4) Kentucky Derby
(5) Wimbledon
(6) Grand National
(7) Royal Ascot (Ladies Day)
(8) World Cup final (depending on the host country)
(9) World Series of Poker Final Event (as a competitor)

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Brownback signs order to eliminate the Kansas Arts Commission

Art will do just fine on its own; maybe better.

Government needs art more than art needs government. And no amount of art will make this administration look pretty. But then, you asked for it. So enjoy.

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Josh Selby returns to KU basketball practice for first time in two weeks

"Repaid before he leaves Kansas?"

That's amusing...

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U.S. District Judge John Lungstrum takes senior status, provides federal judiciary vacancy in Kansas

I am certain the judge’s only ethics violation was stating for the record he could actually play basketball and that his only unpardonable offense was his choice of party affiliation. One should be so fortunate as to seek fairness and wisdom in the gentleman’s court -- despite the privileged and self-entitled company he might occasionally keep.

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Em-Bear-rassing: Jayhawks routed, taunted in Waco

Too many Christians. Too few lions.

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