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Just had lunch delivered today for the first time trying Biggs, excellent choice. Food was great, reasonably priced and delicious! Highly suggest it for a lunchtime choice!

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KU Band Day marches on, even without parade

Your small towns statewide look forward to the parade....the half-time show is more for the bigger bands, i'm sure we were never heard. You are taking a huge experience away from the bands when you drop the Parade. It was the biggest outing we had to look forward to all year, and I do hope this was for this year only and the KU Band Day Parade will continue as usual next year.

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New homeless shelter adds space, privacy

couldn't agree more with oletimer!! And why does Lawrence take such pride in catering to the homeless, most towns send them here because they don't want them?

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Kansas Mega Millions winner remains unknown

spoken like a true winner jonas.....maybe you won! public curiosity will never die, eventually a friend, co-worker, neighbor or someone close to the winner will slip and then the fun begins with all the unknown "family". I hope it was someone who needed it, I always hate it when it's some doctor or lawyer who is far from being poor.

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Police questions

I find it very sad that the one advertisement I can read on this page as i'm typing is in reference to KU Tickets.

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Douglas County prosecutors to review cases involving Lawrence police involved in dismissing speeding tickets

smitty, please go start your own Facebook page and rant and rave there. I am sure you will have a following, but I will not be one of them. Enough about YH and KU already, stay on topic please and stop dragging up old news!

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Two Lawrence police officers suspended for role in fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets

BUT the "Cop" takes an oath to be morally above "Joe Smith Citizen" on a day to day basis. They are set to a higher standard as they are considered "role models" for citizens to show by example, good from bad. You just have to be smart enough to know the difference.

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Two Lawrence police department employees suspended, pending investigation

Please give the rest of us a break and you and smitty go start your own blog somewhere that we don't have to read, deal? NOONE CARES, do you people not get it?

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