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Downtown Lawrence call center gives details on plans to hire nearly 200

The problem with Results is they charge you for your headset. It's call center work in the basement of a building. No one expects top shelf pay. But to charge all of your employees for the part of the phone that let's them take the calls is insane. 50 bucks, before you see a penny from them. Again the work is what it is. And Results is basically Affnitas with a new name, but even affinitas did have the gull to charge for headsets.

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CVS at 23rd and Iowa completes $130k renovation to add walk-in health clinic

Hey Chad, as you may have seen today is Fast Food Strike day. Not the day you go to every fast food joint in town striking against your waist line and wallet. But striking for better pay and stuff. Do you know of any of the area fast food joints have been affected at all?
I had seen that more then 50 cities were organized and ready to go. And we do like a good protest around these parts.

Thanks for any information.

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