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Noah fined $50K for gay slur

What happened to free speech?

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Brownback suggests veto if Legislature reinstates funding for Kansas Arts Commission

Good job Brownback, stand up to the whining lefties who want everything paid for by someone else (ie republicans). Why should I pay for your art?

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Area officials support K-10 cable barriers at meeting

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Brownback administration lays off Kansas Arts Commission employees

Good job Brownback! You have earned another vote from me in the next election. Keep lowering taxes, that's what the kansas people want!

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Do you think photos of Osama bin Laden’s body should be released?

Yes they should be released!

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Lawrence city commissioners to consider developers' proposal to allow artificial turf for landscaping

I think that this sounds like an excellent idea!

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City Commission tells downtown car show organizers to rethink plans

This stupid town will close down mass st and plenty of other streets for lance wannabes in spandex and bikes but not for cool cars?

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Kansas Highway Patrol says drug use, inattention contributing factors in fatal April 16 accident on K-10

Well, I guess pot does kill, but then all of us who are smarter than 2nd graders already know that of course!

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Former President George W. Bush reacts to news of bin Laden’s death

Thank you Mr. Bush for all you did to bring this about, I just wish Osama could have been captured alive. Everyone knows that Hussein Obama had nothing to do with bringing down Obama bin Laudin.

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Crowds gather in NYC, DC after hearing news of bin Laden's death

It never a good idea to celebrate the death of someone. It is only enraging the terrorists more! We don't need anymore of them coming over hear! Thats for sure!

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