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FINAL: Clutch Collins helps sink KSU, 81-79, in overtime

We are not giving K-State and the pressure they applied enough credit. Tyshon Taylor provided the ball handling, the drives, the defense and 6 straight FT's at the end of regulation to keep the Hawks in the game. He looked as though he was trying to defer to Collins at the end under pressure. He has improved the last three weeks. I was thinking that win or lose the Hawks played a great game under IMMENSE pressure.

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Rally speakers blast Democratic administration

Let’s look at the Kansas situation now. You Republicans have always been in control. You might have a Democrat sprinkled-in on occasion as Governor. But your in control. Take control now in Kansas. Stop using federal stimulus money to help with our budget shortage. Cut taxes and cut state services across the board. Republican control caused the worst recession short of the great depression. Spend your political capital now to end deficit spending. Then if you gain control at the national level, this time spend your political capital to eliminate the deficit. Cut taxes and end government programs. Then get reelected.

p.s. Getting to bag on the Washington is just like the Bush administration and Republicans supporting two wars, cutting taxes to the richest one percent, restricting personal liberties. It’s about control of the political landscape. You are never able or willing to try to help anyone but yourselves. YOUR MAD AS HELL AND YOUR NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

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It’s time to think tribute

A community biking / hiking trail around and through the city of Lawrence. This would include the flood control dikes with links to interior trails. Let’s think big. This would be so beneficial to many people. A new park would be the focal point of the trails and would of course be named Dr. Bob Frederick Memorial Recreation Facility.

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Kansas officials react to Sebelius' departure

I can't wait until the right wing 'moonbats' destroy the most precious resource we have in Western Kansas, water and intelligence. You'll be HOWLING for the feds to rescue us. Of course.

Liberals did not destroy our economy and start needless wars abroad. ANSWER TO YOUR CRITICS! America spoke very clearly and loudly on November 4th, 2008.

You should be ashamed but are arrogant and vain to live-up to your many mistakes.

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City seeks to silence train horns

Be pro-active. Close several crossings in the corridor in question. Then build 8 to 12 foot chain link fences to prohibit pedestrian trespassing. Then silence the trains.

Scott K. Boyce
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

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