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Supplying enough treats can get tricky downtown

Drivers, PLEASE be careful and slow down for trick-or-treaters. Five years ago my son slipped away from me and darted back across the street to get a toy he dropped and was inches away from being hit in the crosswalk. It still makes my heart pound thinking about it.

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What's your favorite brand of laundry detergent?

Seventh Generation concentrated

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Do you consider the price of gas when planning for a long drive?

Geez, I agree that we should make the switch to alternative energy but blaming soccer moms is off base. If you want to point a finger, point it at the airline industry and all the business and leisure travelers.

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City takes steps to change trash system

It is dumb to not choose to be more efficient. Diverting less waste to the landfill makes sense financially, and God forbid, environmentally. It's great that people choose for themselves to recycle, but if everyone in the city had curbside Think of the impact.

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City takes steps to change trash system

I moved from Lawrence to Oregon a few years ago. I was surprised at how efficient the trash service is here compared to Lawrence. We pay $20 per month and it includes rental of a garbage can, recycling can and a very large yard waste can. We have the option of adding another regular garbage can for a few extra dollars if we need it but we don't. We end up putting more in the recycling bin because it forces us to think twice before throwing anything away. The yard waste bins are so much better than dealing with all the trash bags full of leaves in the Fall and end up saving us money in the end. The city uses the leaves and sticks to make compost which is so much better than seeing all that good stuff go into the land fill. It's time to evolve, Lawrence.

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City approves tougher rental regulations for single-family homes

I don't live in Lawrence anymore, but when I did I often thought of there being a need to have a database of bad landlords for renters. In 9 years I moved 7 times because of problems with a landlord (except for one who was great). Landlords know they can rip off their tenants by not fairly refunding deposits (I was charged $25 for a crayon mark on a wall) , not providing maintenance ( I was charged $80 for a plumber when the sewer backed up because roots had clogged it), breach of contract (I was told a shed would be provided to keep kids safe from lawn equipment, it took an argument and a year to get it done). Another time I had to move because water damage was causing black mold to grow in the walls and inside the closets. the landlord refused to remedy the problem and I lost my entire deposit. Ugh, good riddance, Lawrence!!

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Economists: Obama’s policies ‘fair’ or ‘poor’

I agree. I've heard many analysts say that Obama is more like a centrist Republican than a Democrat. His trouble often comes when he tries to please all the people all the time and shoot down the middle. I applaud his attempts at bipartisanship made early on even though I didn't like seeing him giving up ground. It's too bad Boehner and the Republicans decided from day one to oppose every single piece of legislation put out by the other side.

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Do you think there should be a common book that's required reading for all KU freshmen?

Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States

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