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Kansas House committee considers providing scholarships to early high school graduates

I graduated early and started KU at age 16. It was tough being the youngest around the college. And yes, I had to drop out after 1 year. But came back and finished. I'm not sure if a scholarship would have made any difference. It would be an eye opener.

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Older Lawrence residents recall severe snow storms from years past

Just couldn't help posting something here.

1974 - Waked to South Jr. High in knee high snow from 23rd and Kasold, Found out that school was closed.
1978 - In college, barrowed my roommates car to drive from JRP to drop off computer cards at the data center. Another foot of snow. KU closed.
1983 - Still having fun, rolling down the hill in a inner tube, -10 below. KU closed
1985 - More fun in the snow.

Damn. it just doesn't get any better!

Sail on.

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Sail Kansas: Landlocked sailors thrive in their beloved pastime

Ahhh, Sailing in Kansas where there is nothing to stop the wind. Many good times and memories have been had,

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Tax pros see drop in business as citizens go it alone online

At the end of the filing season, I would like to see how many tax filiers failed to claim the "Making Work Pay" credit. I missed it, but IRS was nice enough to catch it, and gave me my credit. Thank you IRS!

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FINAL: Northern Iowa shocks Kansas, 69-67

I just lit fre to my sweat pants in the middle of the cul-de-sak. They were 27 years old!

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FINAL: Kings of the Big 12! KU takes conference title with 72-64 victory over KSU

Frank Musberger and Bobby Knight will never know what "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" stands for. Only a true Jayhawk would know what that means.

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Lawrence winter has been unusually cold

Will someone up there close the door? It has been awful cold here in the south? We blame it on all to the person who left the door open.

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KU overcomes Collins’ struggles

Sorry about the spelling. Aldrich, put that ball into the hoop, don't try to dribble!

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KU overcomes Collins’ struggles

If Aldrige puts that ball on the floor, under the basket again, I'm gonna come up there and yank out his other front tooth.

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Retailers compare present with downturn in 1980s

Invite hollywood to make a big budget movie, and everything will come back to normal.

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