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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

This isn't about identity verification or keeping commenting civil, it's about gaining revenue through information cross-sharing between LJWorldCo and Facebook's advertising platform. This will allow the two companies to exchange users' information to deliver targeted advertising on both sites, and Facebook will pay LJWorldCo for the privilege. It's another cash grab by LJWorldCo, nothing more, nothing less.

I moved to Lawrence in 2008 and I found the local newspaper and its website to be helpful and informative. However, I was dismayed as, piece by piece, the paper and especially the website went downhill.

The LJWorld had a good website, and it built up a valuable record of comments/community interaction. It served to document the climate of the times and the issues among the members of the community.

Things changed, though. The sale of the cable company and software business. The policing of user accounts as had not happened before (the site's administrators deleted wholesale the accounts and entire commenting history of many users, the excuse being the users had committed this or that infraction). The selling out to Google. Now the selling out to Facebook.

I encourage fellow LJWorldCo users to find a new forum website where users may still comment upon Lawrence issues anonymously, privately (when necessary) and securely. I will not share my information with Facebook, just as now I do not share it with Google and other information strip-mining companies.

So long, LJWorldCo.

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

I didn't get that flyer. Is there some way to verify the price hike?

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

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House OKs grandparents rights in custody cases

This is scary. After I witnessed a few protracted child-custody legal battles (only as a bystander; I don't have any children myself), I can tell you there are absolutely some circumstances when placing children with grandparents is a bad decision. To me, this bill/law is just another example of the current right-wing Kansas leadership pushing "family values" on the unsuspecting Kansas populace. Grandparents don't automatically make a good living situation for children, and grandparents should have no more rights than aunts, uncles, and third cousins once removed. I really wish the legislature and governor would stop using legislation-by-morality to push their "values" on the rest of us.

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Heard on the Hill: 'Manna Meters' are collecting donations in the Kansas Union; KU prof weighs in on latest texting and driving research; Wichita State names former W. Carolina chancellor as president

I strongly feel they picked the wrong person to be the new president of Wichita State. WSU had the chance to choose a candidate who would lead the university in a new direction--which is exactly what it needs. Instead, they picked John Bardo, who represents the status quo. They chose this guy--a former head of the WSU sociology department--over qualified candidates with Ivy League backgrounds and strengths in key areas like science, engineering and research. This appointment is a loss to the university, the community of Wichita and the state of Kansas.

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Heard on the Hill: Alumnus puts his English degree to good use; Wichita State president should be named today; book collections earn cash for their owners

Donald Beggs has been good for Wichita State. I'm sorry to see him leave. I hope the next president has the vision, focus and sound reputation Beggs brought to WSU.

In other news, this article makes it sound like Wichita State changes presidents every other year. Beggs has been at WSU since 1999, which would make him the second longest-serving current Kansas public university president/chancellor... as far as I know. (Until he retires, at least.)

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Town Talk: UPDATE: New plans for 9th and N.H; Computer firm moves to N. Lawrence, adding jobs; city set to add another Iowa Street project to 2013 list; Busker Fest, other arts projects to get funding

"Busker Fest" cheapens the city of Lawrence, is a blight on the downtown, and makes it appear as though the city (and its leadership) condone homelessness and panhandling. If they want street performers downtown, the city should bring a legitimate carnival or circus here that brings in real circus performers. Lawrence should not become known as the "destination" for anyone with a guitar and a hat, or the person who juggles three bowling pins but can't hold down a regular job. Let them go elsewhere.

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