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Abe & Jake's is city's burden

"Lawrence residents, do you have a headache yet?"

Seems like objective journalism to me, and definitely NOT soapbox editorializing.

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Abe & Jake's is city's burden

Abe and Jake's is only open as a nightclub Friday and Saturday nights, and outdoes every bar in town in emergency calls. At most, they are open 104 nights a year.

Oh wait, they are closed all summer.

Let's make that 80 nights a year. 135 police calls over 80 business days.

Last Call also only does weekends.

You can't really compare those numbers to a respectable venue like the Granada or Bottleneck, because they are open five to seven days a week.

I know some of the Abe and Jake's security staff, and aside from a couple guys, they are largely untrained midget friends of Nick Reddell, who have NO business as security.

They get two or three guys that know what they are doing, and the rest of the guys just sit there and collect a paycheck.

Even so, you can't blame security for the situation last week. Last week is getting blown WAY out of proportion. It was a barfight. Big f'n deal. 200 people spilled out into the parking lot because THEY CLOSED THE BAR.

You see thirty cop cars in front of the bar and think "OH MY GOD!", until you realize it takes six patrol cars to pull a girl over for a busted taillight in this town.

Lawrence Police can't wipe their @$$ without backup.

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