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Nightclub inside The Oread hotel faces state investigation related to free alcohol; city concerned about conduct at The Cave

Well there you have it, the journal world reports the whole truth and the three comments previous to Mine are the judge and jury! The Cave is a bad place, there is more than one bar in the hotel and the twitter page that says The Cave must be the official page because you cannot make up false twitter handles. Get real people! The hotel and it's bar are a legit business making money, providing jobs and money it the City coffers

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Fearing resigns as Southwest Middle School assistant principal

Mr Fearing, man of character and someone you always were happy to see at Southwest. Whenever I came to referee at SWJH he had a smile from ear to ear and and a handshake saying thank you. Best wishes Matt, I hope whatever your health issues are whether it be yours or your family's God heals you quickly.

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Sound Off: Cellphone ticket

This is easily the best response to a stupid comment I have ever seen on this trashy comment site. Thank Thank you oletimer, you made my Sunday

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Motorists may see delays Thursday as crews work on 23rd and Massachusetts street traffic signal

Doing their jobs I suspect and construction projects are not one of them but a stop light is a 'traffic control device'. Downed stop light + major intersection= need for LPD. Construction + inconvenience = no LPD. Standard procedure in the 21st century. Go to bed, get some rest, you may see delays tomorrow

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Sound off: How much would the proposed recreation center cost individual homeowners over the next 20

Yes Merrill it's a waste of tax dollars, right! You voted for the transit system and a library only the homeless use. You can ride the 'T' after you eat and play computer games at the library. The rest of us can get some exercise at the new rec center. People do not want to read your public forums any longer

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Town Talk: Kia dealership expanding on 23rd Street; Police Department to get armored vehicle; developers asking TIF money to cover $695,000 in land costs at Ninth and N.H.

Merrill, you always have so much to say, always in the know with all the right ideas and explanations. Shoot, why not run for City Commission, hell let's make you mayor and kill City Commission. If I had my choice I would buy the LJ World and shut the comment section down so I didn't have to read your malarkey

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Felon in KU tickets case asking for shorter prison sentence

U commenters are so full of hot air! If Lew was guilty of something do you not think he would have been given up? Holy crickies, everyone else guilty got turned in! I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who ate a hotdog at the consessions stand at Band Day of Turner Gills first year who heard Lew knew! Well sh$t that's all I need to hear, guilty as charged in the Lawrence Gossip ring that is 4 yrs old. Move on

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Felon in KU tickets case asking for shorter prison sentence

Even better, LJWorld take this bulls??t commenting down so it's not even shown or make these anonymous stooges pay to hide their names. They are obviously ashamed to put the names their mothers gave them.

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