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What advice would you give for safe driving?

Drop the cell phone??? I was driving the speed limit the other day, talking on my cell, approaching a 4-way intersection that I've driven through a thousand times in which my lane and the opposing lane have no stop sign but the cross-lanes do, and some dumb b*tch who was not on a cell phone pulls out directly in front of me from the stop sign. Had I been speeding I would have T-boned her and possibly killed her (side note: I never speed, and I have a clean driving record to prove it). Who's fault would that have been? (Before anyone jumps on me for this: Talking on cell phone, not illegal. Failure to stop/failure to yield to right-of-way, definitely illegal.)

Bottom line: Don't be a freaking idiot.

And Mrs. Krogman: Are you kidding me? No stereo??? I'll politely disagree with you as I'm blasting my new White Stripes album for the next two weeks.

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When the music's over

Whoa whoa there Marlboro Man, let's not get carried away now. How many fully loaded automatic weapons were seized this weekend at the festival? How many people were run over? How many arrests for assault, disorderly conduct, or weapons violations were made? White or black has no relevance here whatsoever, and yes there is a big difference between someone toking a J at a music fest and a series of violent events that continually plague a particular local bar, i.e. a "hippy" using marijuana is perhaps only a danger to himself, a "thug" who is possibly involved in gang activity carrying a loaded AK is a danger to many, many people those present and those affected by the fear of his possible presence whether observed or not. And that "thug" might be white.

While you're attempting to portray an apples to apples comparison, you're really only still comparing apples to oranges.

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When the music's over

You guys, b3 just masks his contempt for our local economy with this 'anit-hippy' thing. It's really local businesses that benefit from Wakarusa that he hates.

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'No one is going to run'

This article is a joke, right?

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Bands fuel funky fun

b3: Why did your first comment get removed? That's kinda odd, there wasn't anything bad it in.

thetagger: If you can't see the humor in the phrase "if the Germans had won the war," and it's obvious cultural relevance to one of the great American writers of the 60's and 70's, then maybe you're the one without the sense of humor. But you're pretty clever with that South Park reference, boy that one hadn't worn itself out over the last several days. . . You like making fun of hippies, great. I don't care, but you're not saying anything I haven't heard a thousand times. I just think you're a flipping retard for doing it. Is there a baby around you could take candy from too? Talk about hunting deer with a rocket-propelled grenade. Yawn. . .

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Bands fuel funky fun

Hippies: Don't listen to those telling you to go home. Those of us interested in our local economy appreciate your presence here this weekend. So come, stay awhile, enjoy yourselves. Afterall, if we didn't have the diversity you contribute to, but rather a world made up entirely of boring people like I'm sure b3 is, well that's what the world would look like if the Germans had won the war.

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How should the city pay for needed repairs to streets?

What I don't quite understand, is where the hell does all this property tax I pay on my home go to?? My parents looked at a couple mil. dollar home here and when my dad figured out he'd be paying several thousand a month in property tax he said no thanks. Lawrence is pretty damn high compared to the rest of the cities in the state, and I'm not sure what it is we have to show for it. Real estate taxes as they are now should be way more than enough to fix streets. Somebody tell me, where the hell is all this money going?

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/redesign/2007/ -- 2007 LJWorld.com redesign

The redesign seems quite sterile and cold to me. I hate redesigns. I'll get used to it.

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Do you think you can be a Christian and support a war?

I worship a rabit in the secret Hare Club for Men society. I eat steak nude. I watch television backwards. I do everything I can when not doing anything.

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Wakarusa promoter expects 'peaceful' music and camping extravaganza

"i hope the police arrest all of the law breaking losers at our local durgfest, and break a few billy clubs doing it"

Well get out there and wear a helmet son! Seriously, if you have a wife, she hates you. And if you drink, you're a hypocrite too.

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