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It's time to get off Dirk Wedd's back

I think where the message may get lost is that alot of kids aren't used to being disciplined anymore because they never got it at home and Coach Wedd is one of the 1st people who has ever tried to instill a sense of discipline in them. And if you really believe that Adam Green is a bad coach because he can be a little vocal and animated, than you are someone who is just complaining to complain. I had the pleasure to be on the 2002 & 2003 Free State baseball coaching staffs with A.G. and he does a tremendous job of teaching fundamentals and relating to kids not to mention he is one of the nicest guys you could meet. Fact is that both High Schools have tremendous coaching staffs that have the knowledge and experience to help kids and the community should feel fortunate to have the two staffs that they do. Bottom line is that right now LHS is down because they are young and most their Seniors are injured. Don't judge this squad until the end of the season and watch the improvement this team makes by the end of the year. I have not had a chance to see a game yet this year (hope to change that next weekend) but I have heard that the Junior & Sophomore classes have some talent and depth. The experience they are getting now will only help in the future whether its this year or next year. Last but not least, I find it funny that alot of people enjoy getting on here to bash someone like Coach Wedd who has affected many kids in a positive manner yet they hide behind a username that is not their own because they are afraid to be accountable for their comments. True, blogs are for people to discuss things in both a positive and negative light and as I hope I have expressed in this post, criticism can be a good thing. However, if you are going to set back and criticize someone, why not have the guts to be accountable for you comments?

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It's time to get off Dirk Wedd's back

Having read this blog I feel there are a lot of people on here bashing Coach Wedd just to relieve some frustration and don't really completely understand what they are talking about. For example, the argument about why don't we use bigger D-Lineman? I don't remember anybody complaining last year when Free State had a Nose Tackle that was on the small side. Fact is that all the way back to the Bill Freeman days, LHS has not been afraid to utilize a smallish Nose Guard's quickness to disrupt other teams. And the complaints about the offense he runs and the game passing him by? Was it not 2 or 3 years ago when Milne was the offensive coordinator that LHS utilized a semi version of the spread? What Coach Wedd does is adjust in the offseason to the talent he is given. The unfortunate nature of H.S. athletics is that for the most part, what lives in your district is what you have to work with and talent will always be cylical. Seems to me he did a pretty good coaching job when he had the group with Heere, Kellerman, Albers & Co. Right now, the bulk of the veteran talent is on the Free State side. That is no knock on the kids at LHS, its just a fact.
As for Coach Wedd's demeanor, use of the "F" bomb, and his yelling that seems to offend alot of people, I can tell you that I am better off having played for Coach Wedd. I had the fortune to play baseball on various traveling teams for him and play football for him when he was an Asst. for Coach Purdy and trust me, I was on the wrong end of many of a butt chewing from him. But he does it for two very good reasons: 1. To instill mental toughness in you because if you can take his criticism then nothing will rattle you on the field and 2. Because he cares about you. Alot of the mental toughness that he helped instill in me (along with my father) has greatly helped me since I graduated Lawrence High in 1995. I was actually cut as a Senior from the baseball team but still found a way to play 4 yrs of college baseball and even set some records at the school I graduated from. I am now currently in my 9th yr of coaching baseball and my 7th yr as a collegiate baseball coach, have had the opportunity to coach 18 players who have signed professional contracts, won league titles at 3 different places setting school/team records for wins at each place and I can tell you there is no way I would have reached the point I'm at if it wasn't for Coach Wedd helping instill mental toughness and a competitive edge in me. I know apart of him carries over into they way I have coached players at every place I have been.

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