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Ottawa woman, 60, sentenced to 25 years for dealing prescription drugs

Do you know the circumstances of this case? How much was sold, were the drugs "legal", how did she aquire them?, did she recruit others, did she sell to minors?, etc. How do you know the her clients weren't addicts? Were you at the hearing, trial? She a major dealer it sounds like to me. You get a grip.

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Opinion: Fix the flawed voting process

I am not saying there are no flaws in the system and some of these points are valid but I think the situation is overblown somewhat. I have lived in several states in the last twenty years and have never found registering to vote all that cumbersome. Many times you can accomplish this via the internet once residency is established. I haven't been to a polling place in years! I vote early via a mail-in ballot at home. Very easy. Voting is the most sacred constitutional right we have as well as the most important. We don't seem to mind standing in line for hours during the Christmas rush or to purchase or attend you sporting event. We tolerate the stampede of mankind on a daily basis for lesser activities, why is it so important to reduce the "burden" of voter registration to that of answering a cellphone call? Just sayin'.

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Broncos rout K.C., take top spot

The entire Chiefs management needs to go including the GM. They are moving backwards at breakneck speed.

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Editorial: Step aside

Sounds great, merrill. Does the name FDR and the Great Depression mean anything to you? FDR tried the same thing. He and his socialist cronies hired everyone who could walk, talk or breathe and put them to work building dams, roads, name it. Only one problem. The economy was in worse shape in '39 then '32. No, I'm not kidding. Check historical records yourself if you don't believe me. There is a not so subtle difference between filling the government ranks with workers and truly expanding the economy which is what needs to be done. Don't look to Obama who has a mere four years private sector work experience for a vision.

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Editorial: Step aside

The author has a point. The real problem is the long lasting effects of Obamas excessive spending will not be felt for, perhaps,10 to 20 years when debt payments become 10-15% of the overall budget. The "fairness" issue aside, current interest rates hovering around zero are not the historical norm. When rates rise and debt payments go through the ceiling you won't have the "rich" anymore to sustain your revenue growth. Then what? Obama is mortgaging your children's future and your children's children. This is a difficult concept for liberals who have been feeding at the goverment trough for generations to understand. Obama will be comfortably retired to Hawaii on a nice pension by then.

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Letter: Support gun laws

You are right about too many superflous laws. However, with16,000 homocides last year in the US and 12,000 as a result of firearms some form of further regulation might be in order. It seems the logic of your argument reads " We don 't want any more laws because the new laws might not work as planned." If next year 12,000 children died from exposure to some new substance hitherto unknown to be harmful (in spite of the plethora of current regulations on the books!) would no recommend NO ACTION - TOO MANY LAWS ALREADY.

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Lawrence mother gets 3 years of probation for manslaughter in death of her 5-year-old

Do you know what percentage of addicts will be "cured" after their first arrest? This woman is an addict who has two children remaining. The judge erred badly. This woman is not an adequate mother by any measure. Expect much worse from this woman in the future and hold the judge responsible.

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Letter: Tax calculations

It is if you run out of hash.

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Letter: Tax calculations

There must be at least a million ways to justify increasing the tax load on the well to do..."wealthy", "rich", whatever. I ask the same question to all proponents of increasing taxes on the wealthy, "When is enough, enough? The top 20% of reporting households pay approximately 90% of all income taxes. What percentage SHOULD the top 20% pay that would make you happy?" I have yet to get an answer. Give me a number not an adjective.

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Opinion: Fall of labor unions was inevitable

Do you seriously not understand the ramifications of competing on a global scale? Globalization is killing the unions. Not the Republicans. The author is correct, bozo. Lament all you want but unions will probably not make a comeback until such time as the US again dominates world trade. I don't see that happening too soon. Do you?

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