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Obamacare is 'actuarially unsound,' Jenkins argues in Baldwin City

I would suggest starting your own business. Then you wouldn't have to deal with those nefarious, evil employers.

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Letter: Religious exceptions

Great letter Mr. Upchurch. You're not alone in your thinking!

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Opinion: Enough is enough: Boycott Arizona

Well said John. Never seen a more blatant racist.

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Letter: Health exchange stats

Exactly what claims are unsubstantiated?

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Letter: Health exchange stats

Thanks for that enlightening reply, chock full of facts relevant to the question at hand. Have a great day Hawkanator!

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Letter: Health exchange stats

You know nothing about how I treat my employees, or about me in general. And now that I have provided information that doesn't conform to your agenda, you're into personal attacks. Please stop because its a worn out playbook you're using.

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Letter: Health exchange stats

First, I have read the whole ACA. Have you? Second, I have been employed in the Health Care arena for 32 years. Have you? Third, I'm sorry if exposing the truth of this sham of a bill is "mean" to you. Fourth, it already has been me and so I'm experienced in that area as well. Are you? Fifth, I've had enough of paying over 50% of my income in taxes so other people that are unwilling to take the risks and work the hours I have as an entrepeneur and job creator can vilify me as greedy, insensitive and "mean". How many jobs have you created?

Here is one of the many links you could have found yourself if you wouldn't have spent the time vilifying me when I actually already have done the research years ago:

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Letter: Health exchange stats

To say nothing of the 21new taxes it creates.

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Brownback signs into law bill establishing adult stem cell research and treatment at KU Medical Center

Leave it to Mr. Rothschild to find something wrong with any idea from the right. Shabby treatment for an honorable idea!

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Kansas Supreme Court orders disbarment of Lawrence attorney for 'squandering' $2.6 million

Must have been a Democrat when in the House since no party affiliation is mentioned.

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