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Are you disappointed that the Lawrence City Commission decided against considering a proposal to rename a portion of Missouri Street after former KU football coach Don Fambrough?


after voting for the SLT, for every other possible rotten proposal - and refusing to resign after the Deciphera

we are shocked and would prefer that she also announce her resignation.

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City to review road plans near The Oread

hey BG, you do the math and then give us an approximate answer - unfortunately on this project your comments have joined the totally lame supporters with blinders on there goes the 'hood down the tubes never to recover.

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Do you have a new or favorite Web site?

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Massive drug recall causing shortage of certain prescription medicines

must be why some of the 'wingnuts' haven't been on the forum - ran out of their 'meds'..... LOL.

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Do you have a new or favorite Web site?

saves energy

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School board OKs deal for athletic field lighting

of course the underlying question has always been - why build duplicate 'temporary' football stadiums both with artificial turf which has many many negative & potentially toxic effects.

the school board voted unanimously to spend over $14 million for these facilities without a bond issue - and with inadequate parking in the case of the stadium near LHS.

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City to review road plans near The Oread

No one has ever answered the question how 94 hotel rooms can
amortize $27 million ?

$11 million in TIF funding for a whopping total of $38 million or
--- for 94 rooms and at least earlier 8 condo units of about 2,000 sq. ft. each?

The condos obviously provide quick sales and upfront cash but -----

retail space was small in early submittals only about 7,000
Sq. ft. total with the large food court restaurant at 3500 a coffee
Shop at 1000 and the remainder in only one other space.

So the new project will actually have LESS neighborhood retail
Than the combined Crossing/Yellow Sub land parcels would have
Allowed with their 35 & 45 ft. heights.

So now we'll have a big hotel that KU wanted but with virtually
No neighborhood retail.

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City to review road plans near The Oread

of course the street closures could have been handled differently but 'spoon-feeding' of the local elite was a priority. remember that even BOOG voted for this project as 'the only feasible alternative on the site' along with AMYX, HACK, DEVER, & CHESTNUT. so if you like the tall building and all of the problems in the neighborhood then support those elected officials and their friends once again.

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Did you ever take a trip to a traditional spring break venue, such as Florida or Mexico, while in college?

NO i never took a spring break at KU in the 70's.
at that time we did go on ski trips to Colorado over the
Christmas holidays but spring break was for in state students usually visiting family.

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