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Salina-based company looking to tap into rural Douglas County, Eudora market for Internet service

We have Blue Sky and average 20-30 MB. Very good service.

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Salina-based company looking to tap into rural Douglas County, Eudora market for Internet service

You have to have a CLEAR view of one of their towers for it to work for you. That being said, the service in southern Jeff Co, is good enough for serious gaming.

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Concealed carry permit applications surge in weeks since Sandy Hook shooting

When the governor keeps cutting back on the availability of help for those that are
Needing it the worst, it puts first responders directly in the line of fire when they are called upon to remedy (911) the situation. Most of the time they will be the first on scene. Whether a sexually abusive father or a physically abusive husband/boyfriend, it makes for a tricky situation, treating the victim. Rest assured that in today's world there are lots of discussions about those first responders and conceal/carry permits. And before you lob that first 'rock',
Realize that law enforcement in the state of Kansas is not readily available in a timely fashion in most areas...

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Editorial: Worst outcome

Ks will continue to deal with their PIPs, Punks In Power, as long as they continue to elect them. Brownback and Kobach have their own egos to feed and could give a crap less about anything else. Be thankful that they are no longer in a position to teach it.

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Perry woman dies in early-morning house fire

Tough break for all involved.

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Town Talk: Earthbound Trading Company set to open in Downtown Lawrence; talk of Kansas City's Jazz restaurant to open locally; fire engines and a change in how the city spends its sales tax dollars

So the citizens vote to upgrade the fire dept with a sales tax and the city egos vote to use the money to fix the streets. Wow, and no one raises a flag about it? Bad bad bad!

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KU picked for first in Big 12 preseason coaches poll

Good year coming up for the second all time winningest program. Coach Self getting the Wooden Award. Great recruiting. Lots Of speed. Gonna be a good one!

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Bikers for Babies event expected to affect traffic

Very good cause with lots of money raised.

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GOP redistricting fight could mean courts make final decision

Hide and watch! Brownback's policies will become known as the darkest days of Kansas politics. As he continues to steal the finances of schools, social services and justified pay increases for teachers and public servants his name will always be associated with the low point of the breakdown of one of the strongest state value institutions in this country. Redistricting to help his and his cronies reelection is going to backfire in a huge way as has happened In the past. Get the popcorn and soda ready...

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Six-story hotel complex planned for downtown Lawrence

This will further enhance downtown as a safe area to dine and walk. It will force the city to finally address the homeless and thug issues that are constantly danced around by the inept current commissioners. Might end up with the same number of hotels downtown that the city had a hundred years ago.

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