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I tried this salon out as they were close to my house and I was not disappointed. It is nicely decorated, clean, and very professional. My pedicure was the best I've ever had, Disty took great care of me. The atmosphere and the service combined make this is a great place to come and be pampered!

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We had hail damage and a subsequent roof leak, I spoke with several companies but after speaking with Aaron at KSR it was clear THIS IS THE ONE! Amazing customer service in every way: quick response, easy to understand, helped us navigate our first ever insurance claim, excellent management/oversight of the roofing crew, quality work, and a final bill that exactly reflected the initial bid. Every person I dealt with (office, management, roof crew, gutter crew) was friendly and professional, but beyond that, they all made me feel well taken care of. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

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My first trip here for a pedicure was amazing. I wasn't 100% sure when I heard it was a "house over in N. Law" but let me assure you that it is a house that has been fully converted into a beautiful salon! Had my pedi upstairs with Disty, super professional, clean/hygenic, and great nail work. By far the best pedi I've had in town, both ambiance and technician. I'd go back in a heartbeat!

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Love this store! GREAT produce and friendly staff. So helpful that they will match competitors ads...makes it so I can do all my shopping at one store...and that one store is Checkers!

Shout out to Miss Denise, Miss Betty, and Miss Angela at the check-out who are always so friendly to me and my son (2 yr old). Great customer service by these ladies!

March 3, 2013 at 9:04 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Disappointing pedicure service. Should have just left when I tried to pick out my polish and the lid would not come off one and the other was kind of gummy/stringy. My sis and I went for a girls treat, made our appointments for 4:30pm so we could get home in time for dinner. We were walking out the door at 5:00pm. $26 for about 26 minutes worth of pedicure....what I got was decent (nice polish, good massage) but we were both expecting closer to an hour. Also, my sis got gypped because the girl working on her was also greeting customers at the door and helping them sign in and get assigned to a tech so her pedi was constantly interrupted. We won't be returning.

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My whole family (from toddler to grandpa) love this place! Lentil soup is to die for and hummus is delicious. I almost always order the hummus and falafel sandwich, which comes with a side of rice and cup of soup (or salad if you choose). Amazing!

My only complaint is that I've noticed the prices increasing recently, my sandwich used to be $4.99-$5.99 and now is $7.99....but hey, everything is getting more expensive. For the quality, I gladly pay it but maybe can't visit the restaurant as much.

The decor is dated but it's a calm atmosphere for a really good meal. Love it!

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Made an appointment for pedi's 2, when we got there only one person working (another hanging around, not sure if it was her friend or another employee). Didn't realize one person doing us both until we were already soaking. Halfway through technician's kids showed up, and although she apologized for them being there, didn't really help the spa atmosphere. Actual service was ok, great calf massage (just wish it had lasted longer and the kids weren't arguing during it). Tried this place last fall and it was much better. Overall, wish we had just painted each others toes at home and skipped it all together! Probably won't be back :-(

April 27, 2011 at 9:25 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

After all the good reviews, my husband and I chose this restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a big event for us, as we have a baby and cherish any time we can get out of the house! However, perhaps our expectations were too high...because we did not enjoy ourselves :-( We ordered a sampling of 3 cheeses for an app. and before we had even finished tasting our 1st selection I saw that our entrees were up under the warmer. The waiter proceeded to hurry us through eating the cheese, at one point even saying "oh, just a few bites left"! He explained they were fast in the kitchen, but perhaps I've just watched too much Top Chef to expect a eatery of this caliber to know how to space courses. I even resorted to explaining to the waiter it was our anniversary and we have a baby so were looking to have a leisurely dinner...he said "dessert can be nice and slow". Anyway, my husband ordered the braised pork ribs (Tue. special) and I got the sausage/squash penne. Although mine was ok, at least edible but not a favorite, his meat was disgusting. This is a man who loves pork, who has been eating ham every day since Easter, and he described it as shoe leather. He even tried to resort to picking it up to eat it, after both the butter knife and steak knife wouldn't do. Still no luck. Braised? How about dehydrated??? The waiter didn't even blink when he took the nearly full plate away, never asking if we'd enjoyed our meal or if there was a problem. Any other time we'd probably have complained but wanted to just try and enjoy the romance of the evening, even if my husband paid $$ to cram in some cheese and a side of fried potatoes! Didn't bother to try dessert, just got some ice cream down the block that we knew wouldn't disappoint.

Not sure we'd be willing to give it another chance, both our time and money is too valuable these days.

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