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House gives preliminary OK to bill requiring cooperation between Kansas Turnpike Authority, KDOT

For the record, KTA is NOT STATE owned andnot controlled by the STATE OF KANSAS. The articles said KDOT and KTA are two state agencys. FALSE.

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Do you think Gov. Brownback should try to combine the Kansas Department of Transportation with the Kansas Turnpike Authority?

Hey Folks, be prepared. both houses in Kansas and the Govenor office are controlled by the same party. First time since 1964, So guess what, what ever the govenor wishes for will happen. So prepare yourself for the ride.

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Two Topeka police officers killed in shooting, officials report

My sources confirm both officer died from there injuries.

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Jefferson County man pleads guilty to two counts of manslaughter in auto fatality

The judge has to follow the law, put the law makers in the same jail cel, they make the dumb laws.

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Disease blamed for rise in number of dead deer

I am a deer hunter, I hunt for more than the sport. I hunt to feed my family. But with the loss of jobs and more people pinching pennys, deer hunters are up in numbers. The problem is the landowners post there property NO HUNTING. So the area to hunt is limited, yes there is public hunting, but this is not safe, to many hunters in one area. All I will say is thank you to the landowners who refuse hunters on there property. You have now increased the deer population and incresed the cost of Auto insurance due to more car/deer accidents. So hunters and non hunters when your out and about and you see property posted NO Hunting, stop and thank the landowner for driving up cost and taking money out of your bank account.

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Nickerson residents upset with plan to drop police

No police department, covered by sheriff department, grwat example look at the crime rate. They might as well post a sign at city limits "No police on duty take all you want". Douglas county has great department but they don't have the man power to cover the city nor the budget.

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Nickerson residents upset with plan to drop police

I feel sorry for people who live there. Because the crime rate is going to go through the roof. Burglaries are going to rise. Dirt bags from out of town are going to come in and steal the city blind, because they don't have police coverage, Sheriff department won't have the budget or man power to cover the city. Look locally, city that don't have 24/7 police, and sheriff department covers calls the crime rate is high.

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Nickerson residents upset with plan to drop police

People who complain about speed traps are mad because they where caught speeding. Obey the laws and posted speed limit and you won't get pulled over.

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Do you think the KU football team can turn the season around?

Look at KU past coach, Tough on the players, so he yelled at them, suck it up. KU won the orange bowl. The players cried like little girls because they were being yelled at, so KU gets rid of the coach. Now what do we have a bunch of loser but hey there not being yelled at. Oh and we only won one game the only win for the season.

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Security company keeping busy with rise in burglaries

Just an example for not only Lawrence but all city and County's. Stop cutting the budget for police , increase the budget raise taxes and hire more police officers.

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