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One person dead in early morning car accident in Riverfront Park in North Lawrence

It never ceases to amaze me the judgment that is passed after every single accident by all the holier-than-thou's on this forum who apparently know all about the circumstances and the lives, actions, motivations, intentions, and states of mind of those involved despite the fact that they actually know nothing. You all need to get over yourselves.

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushes faith mentors for state prison inmates

Westboro Baptists can. Margie Phelps was appointed director of release planning.

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Lawrence man fails breath test at sentencing for third DUI

Thank you, notajayhawk. I hope this man finds the strength, hope, and support to get the help he needs.

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BYU hypocrisy

I was raised Mormon but am no longer a practicing Mormon. First let me say that I believe this young man knew what he was getting into when he signed on at BYU, although I think it is terribly sad that his personal life is now national news. That said, I believe your statement of "standards that have withstood the test of time in terms of producing healthy, productive citizens" is debatable. I could give numerous examples of how being brought up in that sheltered, oppressive, judgmental, intolerant environment produced individuals who were far from "truly happy" despite trying to live "the one true gospel." I could show you broken families, broken hearts, broken people, and terribly depressed children.

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Lawrence school board candidate Bill Roth envisions emphasis on science education, environmental awareness

What? Wait...did he say "science"? Science? Somebody is concerned about math and science? No, really, I'm just sure that's what I heard!

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When did you run your first 5K?

May 13, 2043.

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City officials consider expanding parking garage planned at Lawrence Public Library

I propose we add a bidet to each and every parking space. We just don't have enough of these downtown. After all, we have one opportunity to do this.

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KU initiative to make more scholarship funds available to freshmen touted as recruiting tool

Agreed. KU School of Engineering's scholarship offer to my child this year was pathetically puny in comparison to offers from every other school applied to, even when taking out-of-state tuition into account. Certainly makes it hard to justify choosing KU.

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Retired engineer Bill Roth files as candidate for Lawrence school board along with Ola Faucher and Rick Ingram

Hooray! Now here's a candidate I could get excited about!

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Slice of Life: Ballard leader began career in politics

Please provide a source to your facts. And please tell me if you have ever observed any or all of the day care facilities. I am not a disgruntled former employee, and a percentage of my paycheck goes to the United Way, of which Ballard is a recipient. Making direct donations to the day care facilities is not as simple as you might think. It is not ridiculous to expect equipment and supplies from grant monies to be distributed equitably among the facilities. And regardless of who owned the building, the day care provider is responsible for making sure the facility is maintained and meets health department codes. There is apparently plenty you do not know as well, so please don't make assumptions about my lack of charity or knowledge.

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