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Editorial: Ranking rise

That the KU School of Engineering's undergrad program took a such a big hit in the rankings really should come as no big surprise to KU and SoE administration. Semester after semester and year after year, undergraduate engineering students have been voicing their concerns and complaints in their course evaluations and exit interviews. Nobody listens, nobody cares. Just over the last two years, I could name several students that entered the school of engineering only to change their major after their third semester in the program. One of them was even a SELF scholarship recipient. Nobody gives up that kind of scholarship on a whim. Remember that engineering professor from last year that the university fired, and students and alumni went bananas in his defense? Yeah. That's because for many of us, he was the one beacon of sanity in the chaotic mindf*%& that was our undergrad education.

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Bulk of homes in Douglas County expected to see decline in values; county to send out new values at month's end

After having to battle the county appraiser at the state level last year over their ridiculously inflated valuation of my home, all I can say is it's about damn time they faced reality.

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Drunken drivers can pose risk after incidents

My question is, why is it taking months, or even years, after the incident to file charges? And guess what? Even after charges are filed, their cases drag on and on and on and on for months in the courts before conviction and sentencing.

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God, marriage

I try to read these LTEs, but all I can hear are the words of Charlie Brown's teacher: "Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah..."

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Serious injuries reported in 5-vehicle accident near Sixth Street and Kasold Drive

Give it up. You clearly have no clue what happened.

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$500,000 grant to help KU produce more engineering graduates

They can throw all the money and new buildings at this that they want. Retaining quality educators is what it takes to graduate competent engineers. Perhaps Dean Bell and Chancellor Gray-Little should start focusing some attention on the needs of their undergraduate student base. They've been speaking! Why won't they listen?!

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Regents want KU to raise admission standards


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Regents want KU to raise admission standards

Not saying this is a bad idea, but gee, I wonder what would happen to KU's adademic ranking if they actually focused a little attention on TEACHING? Sports, research, sports, research, sports, research. Quality teachers is the farthest thing from their priority list.

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Man, 30, pleads guilty to child abuse charges; grandmother alerts police

"Nope I will never agree with that statement and that mentality is part of the problem with kids today."

First, let me say, there are MANY well behaved kids today. The "problem" with kids today is the same "problem" with kids from the beginning of time.

I'm sorry, but corporal punishment does not equal well-behaved kids and lack of corporal punishment does not equal badly-behaved kids. I can think of far too many examples (of both "belt-spanking" and not) within my own family, social and professional life that blow that theory completely out of the water. In fact, I would say the opposite is true.

Do you have any kind of literature/research to back your theory up? My personal opinion is that hitting children with any object as a form of discipline is a cop-out for parents lacking in effective parentling skills.

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One person dead in early morning car accident in Riverfront Park in North Lawrence

Well gee, loather-o-bushes, defensive much? I was actually referring to earlier posts. Every time there is an accident in the area, there is a frenzy of inane speculation, and folks seem to find some kind of joy in wishing ill will on others before there are even any facts. But if the shoe fits....

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