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Letter: Health mistake

Congresswomen Lynn Jenkins has a bill to be voted on next week to delay the individual mandate for a year. If it passes will President Obama sign it or veto it?

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Davis calls for shortening Kansas legislative session, Republican leadership disagrees

Paul Davis that makes sense so I expect another circus from the bunch you have to hang with. Gives me a headache if I think about it.

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Deal struck to bring new grocer to Sixth and Wakarusa; Google's latest announcement and its impacts on Lawrence

Farmer's Market and Sprouts just opened stores on 135th St. in Overland Park. Lion King would be fitting with the LHS mascot.

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What makes a good selfie?

Mega Pixels make a huge difference in quality of a selfie.

November 21, 2013 at 11 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas insurance commissioner worried about changes to health care law

Will Lawrence Memorial Hospital accept all of the Obamacare policies? Will they choose not to accept the bronze plan? Is a doctor shortage coming or have I listened to Fox Radio too much?

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Forum on Title IX to be held at Johnny's Tavern

Interesting that no male is named on the title IX forum panel - appears discriminatory toward gender. Is that by design or oversight?

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Letter: Real insurance

I'm waiting for the CEO's of the insurance companies to start complaining. Why haven't the insurance executives said anything? If the ACA was such a good deal most Americans would have already downloaded the application and sent it in.

November 5, 2013 at 9 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Compton confirms deal to redevelop Allen Press property at 11th and Mass.; Lawrence home sales fall in September

120 apartments with only 120 parking spots? Most families have more than one car. Having no extra parking spots for guest.

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Last year’s football film fodder for KU, Texas

Let's put Mack Brown back on the hot seat. Upset brewing??

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Moran and Jenkins join majority in voting to reopen government, raise debt limit

So tell me after January the President admits the ACA needs adjusted. Not enough young people have signed up causing the failure. Maybe, that's the President's plan all along so to change to a single payee system?

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