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Letter: Sex attitudes

Is this writer suggesting going back to Adam & Eve? Personally, I prefer a society that is clothed. The naked man walking around Topeka was creepy.

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Chiefs release three

Former Chief's 4th round pick Devon Wylie got cut by San Francisco. Some writer from ESPN thought some other team might pick him up for special teams due to his speed. Next cut on August 30th trims the roster to 53 players. The interesting part is on August 31st day when 8 players can be added to the practice squad. Players can't be on the practice squad for more than 3 seasons. Another requirement is the player must play less than 9 regular season games.

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National Republicans air ads for Brownback

This article mentioned Obama's approval ratings falling but failed to mention Brownback's approval ratings? I believe the current Governor's ratings are below the President of the United States. Could this be verified?

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Column: Weis deserves No. 102 ranking

Question: Who would you name for a replacement if Mr. Weis, isn't on Athlon's list next year? With his pay being high I believe Kansas University will be keeping Coach Weis for the time left on his contract. Kansas football has improved with Coach Charlie Weis. The overall record doesn't reflect the strides the team has made.
The quarterback issue has been a miss for two season's which was Mr. Weis biggest fail The improvement in the classroom has been his biggest success. In most cases smart players make better decisions on the field.
Glad the track is being removed to make the stadium have a better football vibe.

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Column: Weis’ claims of his deepest KU roster up for debate

Has Kansas Football ever had an EPIC win in the last ten years? Would love to witness an upset at least once this year.

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Roberts touts farm expertise as Wolf criticizes ad

At least Wolf lives in Kansas. Roberts living in the state of Virginia and doesn't even come back to debate.

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Opinion: Cantor defeat stalls immigration reform

Richard Heckler should know the President can't run for re-election. As a two term President that wouldn't be possible unless Obama changes the law with his pen.

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What is the most challenging sporting activity you’ve participated in?

Shady tree mechanics had me knuckle busting a move.

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Saturday Column: Obama will use all means to push change agenda

Dianne Feinstein, Senator is even dismissing the White House story on Sgt, Bowe Bergdahl that his life was in imminent danger. Politico and New York Daily News both confirm the above statement. She was upset that the President would keep her out of the loop.
The Affordable Care Act surpassed it's sign up numbers but recently it was announce 1 in 4 sign ups through the exchange have data errors. Seems the errors are in citizenship claims, illegals signing up and financial data errors. The Administration said it would focus on the illegals signing up because the law doesn't allow that.
The Republican party said they would come up with an alternative to the Affordable Care Act. That is a lie because no plan has been mentioned and from what I understand they haven't even started an alternative plan.

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Baker products land NFL invites

Pete Carroll recruited Dillon Baxter when he was coaching at USC. Both Joel Murphy and Dillon Baxter will have to impress the coaches fast to remain on the roster.

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