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Column: Weis’ claims of his deepest KU roster up for debate

Has Kansas Football ever had an EPIC win in the last ten years? Would love to witness an upset at least once this year.

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Roberts touts farm expertise as Wolf criticizes ad

At least Wolf lives in Kansas. Roberts living in the state of Virginia and doesn't even come back to debate.

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Opinion: Cantor defeat stalls immigration reform

Richard Heckler should know the President can't run for re-election. As a two term President that wouldn't be possible unless Obama changes the law with his pen.

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What is the most challenging sporting activity you’ve participated in?

Shady tree mechanics had me knuckle busting a move.

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Saturday Column: Obama will use all means to push change agenda

Dianne Feinstein, Senator is even dismissing the White House story on Sgt, Bowe Bergdahl that his life was in imminent danger. Politico and New York Daily News both confirm the above statement. She was upset that the President would keep her out of the loop.
The Affordable Care Act surpassed it's sign up numbers but recently it was announce 1 in 4 sign ups through the exchange have data errors. Seems the errors are in citizenship claims, illegals signing up and financial data errors. The Administration said it would focus on the illegals signing up because the law doesn't allow that.
The Republican party said they would come up with an alternative to the Affordable Care Act. That is a lie because no plan has been mentioned and from what I understand they haven't even started an alternative plan.

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Baker products land NFL invites

Pete Carroll recruited Dillon Baxter when he was coaching at USC. Both Joel Murphy and Dillon Baxter will have to impress the coaches fast to remain on the roster.

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Number of Kansans who signed up for insurance through marketplace exceeds government's expectations

The jury is still out on if this Obamacare will be a success. 8 million have signed up which would be considered a success. The contractor for Obamacare wants $121.00 million to fix the backend of the website. Much more money than planned. Also, Oregon took a lot of federal tax dollars to set up a state ran exchange that never enrolled anyone. Now, Oregon is planning to use the Federal exchange. Will Oregon have to pay back those federal dollars? Will doctors and hospitals have to take a hit on people they cover that hasn't kept up on premiums? I know people that benefit from this new health care law but I also know people that are hurt by this new law.
After, the first year how many will pay the fine? How many that signed up on the exchange will owe the IRS because the amount of tax subsidies they received was to much based on their income? The example I'm thinking of is the person gets a raise or better job that puts them into a higher income level.

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White supremacist identified as suspect in fatal shootings at Jewish center, retirement complex

This is a gut wrenching story. I pray for all the families dealing with this tragedy and my Church family. Pastor Hamilton did let all Church members know about this act of evil. I heard Pastor Hamilton speak about love on the radio this morning KCMO. We lost two members that are with are heavenly Father. Praying for the family of the women/girl also.

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Letter: Can’t keep up

The White House and HHS spent much of your money on ads promoting ObamaCare. The Washington Free Beacon article by Elizabeth Harrington indicated that $700 million was spent. President Obama indicted that he didn't, "hard sale" ObamaCare. I wonder if the Koch brothers enjoyed their tax dollars being spent by the President?

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How many Final Four teams did you get right in your NCAA Tournament bracket?

Duke lost, Nova lost, Baylor lost and Florida won. I didn't have any teams in the final game in the NCAA tournament.

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