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Conservatives changing state government

How does that happen? I don't feel insulted. Do you? If so, why? Something you heard on Fox?

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Conservatives changing state government

Your focus is off. Your statements are wrong and then you try to support your false statements with bogus facts. That would have to be called a complete fail. Reality would be of help, but it is unlikely that you have any remaining connection to it.

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Conservatives changing state government

What would be clear if anyone fully investigated, is that Brownback and repubs have two agendas; 1) To be the handmaiden to the fossil fuel industries and 2) to create a system that gives them full control over the political process so that they are always in power. This is effectively a move to create a dictatorship and there have been many aspects of dictatorship in play since Brownback was elected and took office. He uses the ploy of supporting evangelical agenda to gain their support. They do not suspect his real agenda and blindly support republicans. The consequence is that repub voter's interests are really not being addressed. Actual policies put in play to prevent abortion will actually lead to more abortions occurring and then on top of that, the judicial system will become even more overburdened, with less money to pay for it, due to reduced taxes. The problem is that the system that Kansas had, was arrived at through years of learning what was needed to run a state effectively. When an ignorant person takes over and allows himself to be the puppet for the Koch brothers and enacts their created legislation, very few people are really going to benefit. In the end, no one will benefit, because the Koch plan is a failed plan from the beginning. They may get their coal fired plant and their X L Pipeline, at the sacrifice of every other legitimate state pursuit.

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Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans

This is what happens when the people elect someone to lead who chooses ignorance. Brownback continues to have only a couple of real constituents, known as the Koch brothers. It is easy to lead if you only have to please two people and they give you your talking points and your policy directives on a regular basis.

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Brownback wants to examine mental health services

Your statement is less than thoughtful. Cite your sources. Those of us in the business know that the funds have been cut. Dollars are being stretched and stretched. Secondly, more mentally ill people are being dealt with in the courts and correctional system and yes, that does cost more. You need to do a much better job of researching this situation before coming off as a self righteous know it all.

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Kansas Statehouse's ‘Big Three’ tied to controversial council

It is not about hating. It is about standing up for working people and a good working state, instead of allowing the profit motive to sabotage everything for the sake of a few making insane amounts of money. In other developed countries, CEO's make up to 12 times what the working people make. In the US, they make 450 times. We can no longer afford them. They also use their massive wealth to take over our government, as ALEC has done in the state of Kansas. This is supposed to be a democracy, not a corporatocracy. The Koch brothers have no real expertise on how to run schools and educate our children. They really don't care about that at all. They care about their billions of dollars and the ego trip of controlling our government. So, center, you might want to start acting like a citizen instead of a puppet for the wealthy.

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Kansas Statehouse's ‘Big Three’ tied to controversial council

Teachers are real people. They work for a living and they know what it takes to teach our children. We need to be listening to them, not to corporation that are only out to make a profit. Mr.gnome, you live in opposite world. Better wake up, before it is too late.

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Letter: Not too bright

They could partner with a lot of people by doing net metering.

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Schlingensiepen over Eye in Democratic battle in Congressional District 2; will now face Jenkins

Never saw such a preponderance of ignorance in such a short statement. Congratulations.

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Schlingensiepen over Eye in Democratic battle in Congressional District 2; will now face Jenkins

Under Bush, we lost jobs overseas and to Mexico every month. Since President Obama, (correct spelling and well deserved respect being used), we have added jobs every month, he has been in office after his changes took effect within a few months of his taking over. Those are the facts. If you want to not support what is working, vote for Jenkins. If you want to support what is working, vote for the democrat. Democrats know how to make the economy work for everyone. Repubs only make it work for the billionaires and wall street, which we learned from Bush, is not sustainable. Better get the facts and lose the attitude or you are just contributing to the problem.

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