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Bicycle belonging to Dennis Abbott reported stolen

Damn. I just sold that bike to Dennis at the Plymouth Church garage sale last week. People sometimes suck.

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Kansas Democrats: Backing Sanders, seeking unity for Clinton

I get email after email after email from the Clinton campaign calling on unity. For the good of the country, Sanders supporters are told that the only conscionable and sane decision is to hold your nose and vote for Hillary Clinton because the alternative is so scary. This is a much softer version of the -lesser of two evils- logic. She is by far the lesser of two evils. But that doesn't make her a good candidate in some eyes. And the further guilt speech goes, a vote NOT for Hillary is a de facto vote for Trump. Frankly, the Sanders supporters can vote for who ever they damn well please. Or not at all. Also their right. And more to the point, If Hillary Clinton and her campaign failed to attract those voters, through her speeches, actions, or past actions, that is on her. Not the voter, voting his or her conscience. If Trump wins...I predict total chaos. If Clinton wins....I predict not much positive happening. But if The Donald actually wins, don't lay the blame on Sanders supporters for not voting for her. Just don't.

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Kansas House, District 10: Erica Anderson vs. John Wilson

I have met John many times. I cannot think of anyone more fair and even minded. While I applaud fiscally conservative efforts, they have to be balanced with common sense and forward looking thoughts at the effects. The Brownback numbers do not add up to me. The grand experiment he plans have some dire and long lasting effects. I trust John to work with moderate, sensible Republicans to work for concrete progress.

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What’s your favorite beer?

Chimay Grande Reserve

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Man. This is just Orwelian. Narcing the girl out to her principle is just juvenile on one hand and scary as hell on the other. Scanning the airwaves for negative talk about him and then getting retrobution is paranoid and scary for everyone. Her comments, granted, were crass. But compared to what was said about GWBush and Obama in the last few years, this is mild at best. If you are a politician, you have to be thicker skinned than that. This was obviously done to get her in trouble, punish her for her conduct and opinion of his actions and policies, and to suppress conduct in the future. Political free speech isnt absolute, but its pretty clear this is her right even if she is at school. If this were my daughter I would tell her three things. 1. Apologize ...my a**. 2. There are consequenses to you actions. Live with them. and 3. Start a recall effort in Kansas. Picking on a teenager is disgusting.

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Peaceful assembly

Centerville- You dont have to be an opponent of NOW or any other organisation. It doesn't really matter who the State is trying to intimidate. But the fact they would try to tamp down ANYONE'S rights to protest the government, is disturbing. Very disturbing. What's even more disturbing is that the LJW hasn't followed up on that.

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Peaceful assembly

If the report of demanding IDs and checking protesters for possible warrants is accurate, that is disturbing. Smacks of harrassment.

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What’s the most memorable phrase or saying your dad had?

"You know, some day you'll be able to take the old man. But guess what..today ain't that day. Mow the d--- lawn.

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Are You a Liberal Sheep? Take the Quiz!

Well Liberty, in the end, I think you fornicated the canine on this one. 1. If your intent was to point out obvious differences in political philosophies...good for you. Man,I don't think anyone has ever done that before. 2. As an Independant, I never enjoy the ascerbic, idiotic back-and-forth from both sides of the extremes. Have many Progressive friends and Conservative leaning friends too. I can appreciate good ideas from both. But delivery is everything. Arrogance and smugness in dishing out your opinion, and insisting that it is the only one that is based on the "true" facts, is not going to get your point across intellegently.
3. I suspect you aren't trying to make a valid point with your little poll; just stick it to poeple you see as your enemy, less intelligent, or "just don't get it". I think it's pretty clear they don't have your respect. Got it. There is always your doppleganger on the other political side doing the same pointless thing. 4. If you were just being funny....missed that too.

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Dead Bars I Used To Love

For Lawrence, i would have to say the old Hawk. When I came here in the early 90s, it was packed to the gills every Friday or Saturday night. Had to wait in line to get in. I also loved the glass Hawk jars.

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