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Kansas health care advocates urge rejection of latest GOP health bill

"Simplify, simplify." --Henry David Thoreau

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Trump presses Congress on health care bill: Get it done

In a perfect world, the President and Congress would all understand all the issues and would also have feelings for those who need health insurance to survive. USA 2017 is far from this perfect world, apparently.

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Suspected ID thieves in Kansas had 429 job applications

Yes, and sifting through trash.....if criminals do that to gain information to commit crimes, then law enforcement could also do the same thing themselves to prevent crimes, solve crimes and secure evidence on an ongoing basis. Who knows, maybe this is a common practice, also. Lots of activity in trash containers, 24 / 7 ?

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Suspected ID thieves in Kansas had 429 job applications

Another thing about identity theft came to my mind: If you carry a cell phone in your jeans or other pants, avoid having the cell phone in your back pocket. One time at Royals stadium, my cell phone disappeared. Ever since then, I do not carry mine in a back pocket. Maybe this is just common sense, anyway. Heck, I should have known better, of course

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Kansas lawmaker questions length of interim leader's service

Anyone named "Bob" is generally a "good egg."

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Lawrence ranked as a top city in the Midwest; reggae festival coming to downtown; Herbert issues apology for Topeka comments

Having lived in Chicago, Park Ridge, Evanston, Lawrence, Topeka, KC, and Wichita....each obviously has its own good and bad qualities. And one of the best things about Topeka is being close to Lawrence and KU. Go Hawks !

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What forms of alternative medicine have you tried?

Prayer, herbs, positive thinking, meditation, and being around other positive people which can help immensely

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Kris Kristofferson in Lawrence

Hats off to Kris, the Ladybird Diner, and Lawrence, KS !

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Here’s what KU’s new Central District student union and science building will look like

God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars. Martin Luther
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