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Secretary of State Kris Kobach may be heading west — to Douglas County

Heck, there is plenty of land in Shawnee County, too. Shorter commutes make sense (cents) these days

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SRS reaches agreement to keep Pratt office open

Yes, I remember visiting Pratt SRS many moons ago. They had a number of good people working there at the time. I am glad to hear that this office will remain open

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Statehouse Live: Two more areas trying to raise funds to keep open SRS offices

"Saving the state one million dollars" is nothing but a catch phrase which has been used several times. It was used by KHPA to justify layoffs of key staff professionals, for instance. When asked for details on the one million dollars, KHPA officials did not have any details to share with employees

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Cliff's Notes: Sheahon Zenger press conference, 1/3/11

Welcome back to Lawrence, Sheahon; Go Hawks !!

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New KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger has deep local roots

Looks like he has what it takes for this job. Will be waiting to hear more at today's press conference. Go Hawks !!

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Wheat State Pizza reopens under new ownership after property seized

Great idea. I remember the Campus Hide Away from long ago; great place !!

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Statehouse Live: Parkinson unhappy with KU athletic department problems

My choice for new AD--- Gale Sayers. He has been KU’s director of fundraising for special projects since October, 2009

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Are you in favor of KU switching the Jayhawks' home football game against Kansas State from a Saturday to a Thursday?

Thursday football is fine with me. Can't think of any compelling reasons not to play this game on a Thursday night, folks. Let's try something different for a change; Go Hawks !!!

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Students intend to return Potter Lake to past glory

Just wondered if there has been any improvement in this lake since the article was written. I would hope that this is the case. Go Jayhawks !

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KU's Law Dean leaving for similar opportunity at Iowa

We will miss Dean Agrawal here in Kansas. She related well to alumni and students alike. Best wishes to her in all future endeavors !

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