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David Beaty expected much cleaner on-field product for KU's season debut

Cleaner in the sense of reducing the number of penalties, mental mistakes, and turnovers. These topics are mentioned in the article. Go Hawks !

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Kansas Democratic Rep. Jim Ward announces he's running for governor

It's a good sign to see several people....from both parties...are interested in running for governor. Let's get the issues out in the open, hear from everyone, and dump the tired, boring political rhetoric of past elections. So you're a liberal...or a conservative. Who cares; what can you do to improve the overall life and attitude of the people of Kansas?

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Former New York tech executive scouting Douglas County sites to host the 'Woodstock of our generation'

What a relief to hear some good news now and then. Somebody with a positive view for the future. Very refreshing, to say the least.

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Legendary Tom Watson shares wisdom with young golfers in Eudora

One of my younger brothers lives in Texas and has played in the same foursome with Tom Watson. He says Watson is really a great guy.........as shown also in this well-written article.

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Massive inspection backlog in Kansas blocking use of kidney dialysis clinics

Medical neglect...which directly impacts human life.... and it appears that nobody cares.

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Colyer confirms bid for full term as Kansas governor in 2018

Much more emphasis needs to be placed on sound Medicaid fiscal policies, including Medicaid Fraud and Recovery and Medicaid Subrogation. If anyone is listening, this would be a great place to start.

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Most state workers did not receive a pay raise this year; many got less than lawmakers authorized

Political rhetoric, over a period of time, leads only to utter confusion such as this.

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Political friends and foes try to assess Brownback's legacy as governor, fitness for ambassadorship

While I may disagree with Sam Brownback's politics, putting that aside, he has done several things right. He went to KU for Law School, graduating in 1982. He comes across well in person and when speaking to groups such as Kiwanis. He will give you a friendly smile and a wave if you see him filling his car with gas next to yours or at a public event of some kind. He is a good family man. Focusing on the future, I wish him well in all future endeavors.

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State employee pay raises spark confusion, resentment

"In addition, since 2015, the state has offered incentives for employees who voluntarily transfer from classified to unclassified positions, thus giving up their civil service protections."

Just wondering aloud here: What are the "incentives," anyway ? And....has KOSE ever taken the time to see how those opting to keep their "protections" are treated after making that choice ?

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Kansas lawyer linked to Bernie Sanders enters congressional race

it would be too much of a coincidence if WELDER was a member of the WELDER's union:

Quoting from http://www.ironworkers.org/training/w...

"The Ironworkers/AWS National Welding Certification Program is a highly respected and National recognized program. The program is a partnership with the American Welding Society and provides an unparalleled standard of excellence for welder training, qualification, and certification

. The benefits for our members, signatory employers, and owners are significant. Our certifications provide portability; the ownership is with the Ironworker welder and allows him/her to weld from the Atlantic to the Pacific eliminating the need for requalification. This saves time and provides a huge cost savings."

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