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A New Frontier for Abortion

As a Mississippi resident, I am severely concerned for the future of women in this state. RU -486 is under attack politically right now, necessitating four doctors visits at the patient's expense since Hyde act won't allow insurance or federal funds to supplement abortion procedures. I don't remember when all abortions were coat hanger or back alley, but in Mississippi this is already our life. Most women are poor and cannot commute to the one abortion clinic in Jackson for a surgical procedure, and don't have the funds to pay if they did. Getting the public out of our private lives and family decisions is crucial to the economic impacts of poor families here. Most families have enough challenges feeding the children they already have. I see this as hope for Mississippi women, this could be the difference in women dying by the coat hanger, and living to mother their children by an over the counter do it yourself abortafacient drug..

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