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Local Verizon, AT&T cell phone users having trouble getting connected

For an iPhone, here is what you do to fix it (although temporary fix, it works great!). I spent all day on looking for an answer online on Tuesday, and actaully found this to be great advice! I did this on both my husband and my phones, and seems to be working great! We don't have a land line, and my business works off my phone, so I had to find a solution.

Go to setting and settings and select Network. Flip it to off on Enable 3G.
Then, still in settings, go down to the bottom and select reset. Choose Reset Network Settings. This will turn your phone off and then turn it back on.

You will probably get a message about select a wireless network, but just cancel out of that. You don't want that option (unless you are always connected via wireless).

You should be running fine after this. Granted, you are not on 3G, but that doesn't seem to really matter. Once they get the problem solved, you can jump back to 3G.

Hope this helps!!

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