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Lawrence powerlifter Brady Tanner nominated to join Team USA for the Special Olympics World Games in Greece

Congratulations Brady!! Brady is an amazing person and will be a great representative for Kansas on the world stage. We wish you the best and know you will do wonderfully! Bring home the gold!

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Man in downtown car chase given felony charge

Right, it's ego that causes LPD to enforce the laws and do its job by responding to calls for service and handling the problems no one else wants. I suppose you think they should just kindly ask people to stop and then not do anything when people run.

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Lawrence parking, speeding ticket totals tumble

Isn't that kind of the point? The city doesn't have enough officers to adequately staff their patrol shifts, so of course there are going to be unused vehicles. When there might only be 12 patrol officers on duty at any given time for the entire city (instead of 24-30 as probably needed), of course they're going to be too busy dealing with the increasing levels of police calls, crimes, reports, accidents, being asked to raise peoples' kids for them, etc to be able to write tickets.

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Town Talk: City revenue from Municipal Court increases $550k; Magna Gro moving out; Farmland buildings coming down; Realtors endorse city candidates

If you drive through this area everyday then it shoud be no surprise what the speed limit is. Why should the cops have to be overly visible when running radar? Seems to me that it is a better deterrent for people to not know where a cop might be running radar, thus encouraging them to always drive safely, not just when they can see the cop up ahead.

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Lawrence man who attacked woman on bicycle path gets 14 years in prison

No, so they could cite or arrest him for aggresssive panhandling as it is illegal to approach someone at an ATM and ask for money.

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Lawrence woman arrested after road-rage incident on 31st Street

Because it was not an "accident," she deliberately struck the other vehicle--hence the aggravated battery charge.

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Fraternal Order of Police, county hope to work out differences centering on lodge, shooting range

Oh no, people heard them shooting at night. How awful. Of course we should prevent cops from practicing shooting at night because everyone knows cops would never have to shoot in the dark.

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Case summaries of recent complaints against Lawrence Police Department

Or they could show the in-car video recording to the alleged 'victim' of rudeness and show that there was nothing wrong. Shockingly, sometimes people try to complain on the cops in an effort to deflect the blame from them and their actions. I love when people feel they can scream and cuss at the cops all they want and then turn around to say the cop was "rude" by arresting them, etc. I would hate to have to deal with all the cry-babies who get upset when they don't get their way. It's called life. Deal with it.

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Police keep lid on internal records

I don't know of any businesses that release internal personnel information. If you get fired from your job would you want it made public? Even better, if someone made a baseless accusation against you should it still be 'public'?

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Police keep lid on internal records

Or they watch the in-car video to show that the officer was acting normally and someone probably just wanted to complain because they got a ticket. It's not that hard to disprove the "he was rude to me" ploy.

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